Dying Light Screenshots and Artwork

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Zombies have invaded E3 in many ways. We've had the announcement of Dead Island 2, screenshots from Grave and an interview from The Evil Within. Now Dying Light joins the fray with its own set of screenshots. we get a look at different weather conditions, different locations and a few action shots.
E3 Screenshot 1

E3 Screenshot 2

E3 Screenshot 3

E3 Screenshot 4

E3 Screenshot 5

E3 Screenshot 6

E3 Screenshot 7

E3 Screenshot 8

E3 Screenshot 9

E3 Screenshot 10

E3 Screenshot 11

E3 Screenshot 12

E3 Screenshot 13

If the screenshots don't quite bring home the horror of the title, perhaps the new artwork will do the trick.
E3 Artwork 1

E3 Artwork 2

E3 Artwork 3

E3 Artwork 4

You get to wait until next year to be devoured by these zombies as the title is not due to be released until February 2015.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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