The Witcher 3 Details, Screens, and Artwork

By Lexley Ford, 4 years ago
We recently had the pleasure of watching Geralt track down and eliminate a Griffin using some of his Witcher abilities, but it appears that isn’t everything CD Projekt RED had up their sleeves. Details have emerged from an exclusive, behind-closed-doors demo that takes place immediately after the conclusion of the E3 demo.

The city we saw Geralt entering at the end of the E3 demo was Novigrad, the largest city in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has been described as “a living, breathing community of thousands” and a place to pick up “lots of quests”, so it seems that players are likely to be spending a lot of time exploring its cobbled streets.

The E3 demo hinted at the size and scope of the world, mentioning that everything that can be seen in game is within reach and can be explored; there are “no invisible barriers or false cliffs that cannot be climbed” though actually reaching these areas may take a considerable amount of time, even on horseback. Speaking of climbing, Geralt’s ability to explore his environment has also been greatly improved as he will now be able to climb, mantle, dive, and swim, and by using these abilities, players will be able to discover hidden locations spread throughout the world.

Time will also play a massive part in the way that players will need to approach the world. The game’s day/night cycle will play a part in which monsters will appear in the wilderness and change their attributes as well as affect which quests may be available. Thankfully, crafting will make a return and now allow players to gather materials to create powerful armour and accessories at blacksmith shops to help Geralt in combat.

Players will also come across opportunities for using the environment in combat such as using the Igni sign to ignite swamp gas or attacking beehives to unleash a swarm of bees on enemies

As is the case with many things from E3, CD Projekt RED has also released a mass of images and artwork for the title that include concept art of some of the game’s locations and characters as well as screenshots of Geralt doing pretty much everything we have come to expect from a Witcher.

Witcher 3 E3 1

Witcher 3 E3 3

Witcher 3 E3 5

Witcher 3 E3 6

Witcher 3 E3 7

Witcher 3 E3 8

Witcher 3 E3 9

Witcher 3 E3 11

Witcher 3 E3 12

Witcher 3 E3 13

Witcher 3 E3 14

Witcher 3 E3 15

Witcher 3 E3 16

Witcher 3 E3 18

Witcher 3 E3 20

Witcher 3 E3 21

Witcher 3 E3 23

Witcher 3 E3 24

Witcher 3 E3 25

Witcher 3 E3 26

Witcher 3 E3 27

Witcher 3 E3 29

Witcher 3 E3 Art 1

Witcher 3 E3 Art 2

Witcher 3 E3 Art 3

Witcher 3 E3 Art 4

Witcher 3 E3 Art 5

Witcher 3 E3 Art 6

Witcher 3 E3 Art 7

Witcher 3 E3 Art 8

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be releasing on Xbox One sometime in February 2015.
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