Two New Videos for Evolve

By Lexley Ford, 4 years ago
Earlier this week, a new trailer for Evolve gave us a look at the classes that we will be able to play as and introduced us to one of the playable monsters: The Kraken. Now, Chris Ashton from Turtle Rock studios talks us through how they have taken what they learned from Left 4 Dead and built upon it to create the unique 4v1 multiplayer gameplay.

This second video shows off some more gameplay for Evolve while the Xbox Upload team give their impressions of what they experienced.

Finally, we have a new batch of screenshots to share with you.
Evolve E3 2014 1

Evolve E3 2014 2

Evolve E3 2014 3

Evolve E3 2014 4

Evolve E3 2014 5

Evolve E3 2014 6

Evolve E3 2014 7

Evolve E3 2014 8

Evolve E3 2014 9

Evolve E3 2014 10

Evolve is scheduled to release on October 21st.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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