Payday 2 Confirmed for Next-Gen

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
One of those E3 announcements that players were highly likely to miss amongst the chaos was the news that OVERKILL's crime wave shooter, Payday 2, would be coming to the Xbox One. Dubbed Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, we're not entirely sure what the difference will be between the ordinary version of the game and the next-gen version, but we'll be sure to bring you more details as we get them.

After watching PC gamers get updates and extra content, most people wouldn't blame you for feeling short-changed over the current console version of Payday 2. However, publisher 505 Games confirmed that some of the DLC WILL still be coming to the Xbox 360. As well as the "Armored Transport" DLC that was announced seven months ago, players will be getting two Gage Weapon drops.

"Who is Gage?" I hear you ask. Well, Gage is an Afghanistan war veteran who was shot while serving. He was then failed by "the system", so he turned to free enterprise. Gage gets equipment and weapons that are out of the long reach of Bain, as long as the price is right.

"Gage Weapons Pack #1" introduces Frag grenades to the game. A player can carry up to three grenades at once. Grenades can't be resupplied from ordinary ammo drops, so the newly added Grenade Case asset will be introduced. This also allows players to share their grenades with other crew members. The case will carry resupply three grenades too.

The drop also adds three new weapons: Eagle Heavy Rifle, Signature .40 Pistol and SpecOps Submachine Gun. Two new weapon mods will be included; Locked Auto will lock the gun to automatic fire, while Locked Single will lock a gun to single fire. These new mods have the benefit of changing the stats of a weapon. All fully-automatic guns in the game (with the exception of the Swedish K) will now be equipped with a selective fire mode.
Gage Weapons #1 Screen 1

Gage Weapons #1 Screen 2

Finally, the first weapon pack will include four new masks, patterns and materials. Dolph the Goat, Arnold the Bulldog, Chuck the Eagle and Jean-Claude the Panda will all be waiting for you.
Gage Weapons #1 Masks

"Gage Weapons Pack #2" introduces Light Machine Guns, which carry a "metric s**t ton" of ammo. All players will be able to purchase the RPK Light Machine Gun, while Level 45 players will be able to purchase the KSP Light Machine Gun. You'll have to reach Level 75 to get the Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun. If LMGs sound like they're too over-the-top, perhaps you'll want to go back to basics with melee combat. The pack adds four knives. All players get the Ursa Knife. The Krieger Blade unlocks at Level 21, the Berger Combat Knife unlocks at Level 41, and the Trautman Knife unlocks at Level 61.
Gage Weapons #2 Screen 1

Gage Weapons #2 Screen 2

Gage Weapons #2 Screen 3

As with the first weapons pack, the second weapon pack also adds four new masks, patterns and materials. This time you get to choose from Alpha Force, Commander Crime, The Gage Blade and the Troubled War Veteran.
Gage Weapons #2 Masks

Information on release dates and prices has been promised for the future, although 505 Games has said that players will be able to purchase "Swag Bag #1", which bundles all three DLC packs together, for a discounted price.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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