Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Explores Outlands Spur

By Rebecca Smith, took a playable demo to E3. Most of us wouldn't have been lucky enough to be able to get our hands on the game, so we'll just have to make do with the latest screenshots for the title. The first couple show off one of the game's environments: Outlands Spur. The area is occupied by Kraggons (seen in the second screenshot) and robots created by Handsome Jack.
Outlands Spur 1

Outlands Spur 2

The second location is the Central Terminal, where Hyperion has a heavy influence.
Central Terminal 1

Central Terminal 2

The next images are taken from the playable demo.
Outlands Spur Air Attack

Outlands Spur Willhelm

Vault Hunters

Willhelm Stingray

If you want a brief look at that demo in action, take a look at this interview with Gearbox's Producer James Lopez and 2K Australia's Producer Joel Eschler as they walk you through Willhelm's skills and how he copes with the Outlands Spur.

Take on the Kraggons of the Outlands Spur yourself when the game is released on October 14th for North America and October 17th in other regions.

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