Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain Gadgets Revealed

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
During a 20 minute demonstration of Konami's upcoming at the recent E3, punters were treated to high definition gameplay footage of Big Boss in his latest adventure. It seems quite a bit has changed for Snake, and not just his use of e-cigarettes instead of the old fashioned cigar.

One of the first things that was noticed was how the cut scenes (of which the series is known for) seamlessly transition to actual gameplay. The world looks huge, and has been touted as being around 200 times larger than that featured in the warm up act known as Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. As such, we get to see how Snake can now interact with the environment and its denizens in novel new ways. For example, during Snake's travels across the Afghan mountains atop his trusty horse, we find that he can hang off one side of the saddle in order to remain hidden from sight. No one will ever suspect a lone horse!

Metal Gear Solid wouldn't quite be the same without Snake's trusty arsenal of weaponry and gadgets, including one of the most prominent in the series (and one which surely should be considered meme-worthy): the cardboard box. Viewers witnessed Snake's new tricks, which involved more than just hiding inside the suspicious cardboard. The demonstrator stated that "fans will be familiar with the box, but we've got some new features. You can pop out of it to take out enemies, then pop back in. And you can fire yourself out of it and leave the box as a distraction." Neeto!

The showcase also revealed a fancy new gadget for Snake; a remote attachable balloon. I know, it doesn't sound terribly effective, but then again, we are not talking about your average kid's party stuff here. With this gadget, Snake is able to remotely attach a specialized balloon to a stunned enemy or vehicle (or heck, even a random animal if it took his fancy) and have them float away in a most humorous fashion. Of course, the nature of the dynamic weather system might affect where the hapless victim ultimately ends up. It's a device that should operate very similarly to the Fulton Recovery System from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. And it's not all about floating things away into the distance - Snake can call things in, such as heavy objects to crush enemies who are audacious enough to get in his way.

So where do all these floating enemies, vehicles and animals go anyway? The demonstrator explains: "Everything you get with the Fulton System ends up at your Mother Base as part of your Diamond Dog army – even the animals. You can even stay on larger items going to Mother Base to escape bad situations.” One can only imagine the kinds of "collectable" type achievements that just might be included with this feature. As it turns out, your base is somewhere you can go to relax and practice your stealth-action skills; your collected animals will also greet you in their native tongue. Most intriguingly, your base can also be attacked, meaning you will probably want to fortify it to the best of your ability.

The release date for Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is not currently known, but be sure to catch the latest E3 preview video here.