Brink Pre-Order Gifts & Developer Diary

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Splash Damage has teased some of the new pre-order bonuses you could receive for Brink. The game doesn't come out until the Spring 2011, but that can't stop you from getting excited for the game. Each outlet has a different bonus.

Thanks to Joystiq for the image:
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Amazon & Direct2Drive:
Pre-order the game with these two virtual salesmen and you will receive the "Psycho" bungle. The Psycho bundle will include some special gears including the Caesar Revolver, several different silencers (including one made from a pop can) and several different customizations to your characters appearance including a tortured soul tattoo and a Grin Face Mask. The Grin Face Mask, according to IGN, looks like the mask the Scarecrow wears from the Batman series.

Those that pre-order through Valve's Steam service will receive the "Spec Ops" bundle. The unique weapons this bundles comes with includes a hockler machine pistol and a greeneye scope. Appearance modifications include a dog tag tattoo and a Sloani face mask.

Best Buy:
Those that pre-order at Best Buy retail stores will get the "Fallout" bundle. As implied by the name, this bundle is centered around the theme of the Fallout game. Included in this package are several unique tattoos, skinned SMGs, a bandana, "and more."

Finally, the big retailer GameStop gets the "Doom" bundle. That's right, GameStop receives a pre-order bundle themed around the classic franchise Doom. This bundle includes a screaming soul t-shirt, special SMG skins, a Doom bandanna, and a Hellspawn tattoo.

IGN believes it will not be long until screenshots of the various pre-order bundles will be online. When we spot them, we will update this piece.

In other Brink news, they released a new developer diary. I encourage you to watch it so much, that I have embedded it below for you.

This game oozes awesome.