GRID: Autosport DLC Details Teased

By Jerry Minnich, 4 years ago
Upcoming DLC plans have been revealed for the soon to be released GRID Autosport. Promising to keep fan's feedback a top priority, below is how Codemasters intends to introduce additional content post-release:

Car Packs

Car packs are exactly how you’d imagine, they include new cars for the game and we’ve currently got three of these planned. Integration of the car packs is something that we know is hugely important to you, and through the feedback you’ve given us we’re confident that you won’t have any issues with mismatched compatibility. If you have a car pack and a friend doesn’t, you’ll still be able to race together and more importantly, see each other’s cars.

Mini – Expansions

Again, from the feedback we received we know you don’t like individual tracks being made available for DLC and you also told us that you prefer content that adds to both the single and multiplayer experience, so we’ve done just that for GRID Autosport.

There will be three mini-expansions for GRID Autosport and each will have a specific ‘theme’ surrounding it. The mini-expansions will each include a selection of new locations, some will include new cars and in some cases new game modes entirely.

Each mini-expansion will also bring with it a brand new addition to the single player experience, so while you’ll be able to take your new content online, you’ll also be able to play it offline.
There you have it folks! Car packs, themed expansions, and all other sorts of extras to help you stay out on the track.

GRID: Autosport releases for Xbox 360 today in North America and on June 27th in Europe
Jerry Minnich
Written by Jerry Minnich
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