Sunset Overdrive Monsters Revealed

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
Insomniac Games has provided some details of a few of the all-round bad guys that make an appearance in the upcoming Sunset Overdrive. The developer also provided a few tips for dealing with these mutated monsters, so make sure to pay attention!


First up, let's have a look at the "OD". This creature looks to be the primary swarm type beast in the game; they won't be particularly tough, but they will cause grief due to the sheer numbers that will be thrown at you. Don't let them get too close either, because they have a devastating lunge attack. The worst part? They will block your path throughout the world by getting on grind rails and generally being an all round nuisance.


Meet the "Blower". See the cannon type thing on this guy's arm? Apparently it is used to lob a "messy Overcharge bile" projectile at you that will cause a nasty ongoing effect if it lands in your general vicinity. These guys like to hang back a bit and gun for you at a distance, meaning that they could really mess up any close-combat strategy that you might wish to use.


If I can borrow a Marvel Universe reference here, the "Herker" looks to be your Juggernaut or Incredible Hulk type beast. He's massive, powerful, thick-skinned and fast! If he gets in contact with you, it's probably too late and the next thing you know you are being pulverized into the pavement. He doesn't always have to catch you - he can also tear up pieces of the streets and throw them at you. Whatever your strategy is - you want to get rid of this guy as soon as you can!

Finally we have "Scabs". These guys are simply humans who have joined the mutants in their desire to cause you misery. Their weapon of choice is the assault rifle and their primary aim is to stop you from standing still for too long. While several of the mutants can utilize ranged attacks (as we've discussed), it's the Scabs who will be constantly peppering you from afar. You will have to take care of these guys eventually.

Now that the monster bio's are out of the way, check out this video diary; it showcases some of the trap devices at the player's disposal, as well as clearing up some issues surrounding the playable character types and wearable costumes:

Sunset Overdrive is expected to be released on Xbox One later this year