Titanfall Update #4 Detailed

By Jerry Minnich, 4 years ago
Respawn has announced upcoming changes and improvements to Titanfall. While no date for the update was given, a lot of details have been revealed. Let's dive right in:

New Features:

Featured Game Modes: These will be a limited time only playlist that will offer new competitive game modes that have never been seen before in Titanfall. The first two to be released are named "Marked For Death" and "Wingman Last Titan Standing." In "Marked For Death," one player on each team is marked, and players take out the enemy marked player while protecting your own. No details were given on the second upcoming mode.

Titan Burn Cards: Fourteen new burn cards will be implemented that deal specifically with titans, adding amped titan weapons and enhanced abilities to your card roster. You won't lose these cards if you equip them and die as a pilot either, only when you die as a titan. Also, new HUD indicators will let you know who is currently using these burn cards while in their titan.

New Titan burn cards

Titan Insignia: Coming in the update will now be a wealth of insignias you can unlock by completing various challenges. Equip these emblems to further customize your titan and show off your accomplishments. Any progress you've made towards unlocking these prior to release will still count once the update goes live, too!

New Titanfall Insignias

Matchmaking: New improvements to the matchmaking system are also included. All players will remain greyed out and unassigned in the lobby until the match begins. Once the round starts, teams will be arranged based on player count and skill level.

Titan OS Voices: You will now be able to choose between three different V.O.s for your titan, from the classic "Betty" to the new "Jeeves" and "Lisa". More warnings and observations have been added to your titan's voice operator as well, giving you further useful information as the battle rages on.

New Titanfall Voice

Challenge Tracker: Now select and sort specific challenges you are working toward, making them easier to follow in ongoing progress.

Auto-Titans: When autopilot is enabled on your titan, it will now incorporate all of its equipped abilities, such as Particle Shields and Electric Smoke, in combat.

Burn Card Changes: An overflow protection will be added to maxed-out burn card decks to cover the potential loss of not getting credit for cards you've earned. You will now be able to continuously earn cards regardless of deck size but cannot equip them until you discard down to within your deck limit. To compensate for this, the base deck size is increased from 26 to 46. Your maximum deck size will also increase by 6 cards for every Pilot Generation level you acquire, maxing out at 100 cards at Gen 10. A new indicator at the bottom of the HUD will also remind you when you die to select another burn card. This option promises to make selecting new cards more convenient.

Unlocks: While the Ogre and Stryder titan chassis can still be unlocked by completing the campaign, earning them by playing standard multiplayer will now be an option. The Stryder will unlock at level 15, the Ogre at level 30.

More details, including various bug fixes and balancing can be found on the full update page available here

Titanfall Title Update 4 is currently listed as coming soon; stay tuned here for future update information!
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