Afro Samurai to Get Sequel

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Publisher Versus Evil may not be a name that is familiar to many gamers. At the start of March, the company was founded with the hope of helping indies to publish their titles on a variety of platforms. Their first console title has been revealed to be a sequel to Afro Samurai.

Developer Redacted Studios is in the driving seat as they create a game based on the animated series. Described as a "third person action adventure" title, players will experience an original storyline, new characters, and special moves and combos that are vastly improved from the original title. Versus Evil states that they are aiming to be the "undisputed leader in dynamic dismemberment".

We don't yet have any more details for you apart from the fact that the game is targeting next-gen consoles. More details have been promised over the coming months.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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