Ten More Rock Band 3 Songs Revealed

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
With Rock Band 3 touting 83 tracks on disc, Harmonix have revealed a further ten of what these will be. This means we now know what around half of the on disc tracks will be.

Here's the latest reveal. It's a wide ranging list for certain!

Bob Marley & The Wailers — "Get Up, Stand Up"
INXS — "Need You Tonight"
Poni Hoax — "Antibodies"
Rammstein — "Du Hast"
Roxette — "The Look"
Tokio Hotel — "Humanoid"
HIM — "Killing Loneliness"
Maná — "Oye Mi Amor"
Slipknot — "Before I Forget"
War — "Low Rider"
I'm more a Prog Rock fan myself, (Genesis, Yes etc), so I'd be more interested in playing Roundabout on repeat endlessly. However, whether you're a Guitar Hero fan, a Rock Band fan, or you're happy to play both, what cannot be refuted is the sheer volume of music available through the Rock Band platform. There's over "1,500 songs already available from more than 400 artists" with a commitment to bringing international music to the series. Paul DeGooyer, senior vice president of music and electronic games for MTV Games (heck of a job title), explained their commitment to this:

We believe music transcends boundaries, and intend to prove it with a committed effort to release more music from around the world on the Rock Band platform. Fans will have access to our incredible line-up of music via simultaneous global releases, and we think everyone will find each song tremendously fun to play, no matter what language they speak.
All songs from previous versions of Rock Band (LEGO Rock Band included) will be compatible with Rock Band 3, so the chances of running out of songs to play is slim!
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