Battlefield: Bad Company 1 Patch

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Quick background,

DICE believed they fixed an issue with getting the "I am Bad Company" achievement in Bad Company 1. The issue was related to a patch not unlocking in the game regardless if you had the criteria fulfilled or not. DICE thought they had the issue fixed years ago with a patch update, but for many users there was still an issue with it.

DICE's Joe Grant stated over at their official forums:
We are releasing a new server update on the 24th August. We have a few last checks to make but hopefully ["I am Bad Company"] will be fixed once and for all.
With the lion's share of users having shifted over to the amazing Bad Company 2, now would be a good time to pick that old copy of Bad Company 1 out of your closet and finish it off with some good 'ol fashioned boosting. You should also schedule times that work best for me to boost during.