Deep Silver Reveals ESCAPE Dead Island

By Lexley Ford, 4 years ago
Deep Silver this week revealed a new game in the Dead Island franchise with Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 developer, Fatshark Sweden, at the helm. Entitled Escape Dead Island, the game takes a different approach to the rest of the series; gone is the first-person hacking and slashing through hordes of zombies and in its place is a stealthy, story-driven, third-person. single-player survival mystery.

ESCAPE Dead Island follows the story of Cliff Calo, who travels to the island of Narapela, part of the Banoi archipelago, to investigate the rumours of the unexplained events happening there. Unlike the previous group of protagonists, Cliff isn’t immune to the virus and will have to rely on his wits in order to survive on the island. On top of this he is “haunted by deja-vus” that he will need to make sense of “again and again”. His tale will delve into the origins of the zombie outbreak and lead into the events of the upcoming Dead Island 2, currently in development from Techland.

Alonside this announcement, Deep Silver also released a trailer, a set of screenshots and the game's cover art:

ESCAPE Dead Island 1

ESCAPE Dead Island 2

ESCAPE Dead Island 3

ESCAPE Dead Island 4

ESCAPE Dead Island 5

ESCAPE Dead Island 6

EDI Xbox360 Box

ESCAPE Dead Island is due to be released sometime this Autumn.
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