Sunset Overdrive Shows Off Chaos Squad

By Lexley Ford, 4 years ago
Insomniac Games has released a brand new trailer that gives us our first look at Sunset Overdrive's 8-player co-op multiplayer mode, Chaos Squad, that pits you and your squad against waves of mutants determined to pilfer your stockpile of Overcharge.

Unable to watch the trailer? No worries, we’d happy to fill you in on what Chaos Squad is about:

After receiving an invite to join a Chaos Squad, players will be able to join straight from the game’s campaign by finding the nearest future photo booth. Once you enter, you’ll be taken into multiplayer equipped exactly as you were in the campaign, meaning “same clothing, same amps, same everything”.

Now the fun begins, you and your team will be given two mission options on which to vote. Once the chosen mission has been completed, new missions with different objectives and in new locations will be up for voting. Completing these missions earns either Chaos, which increases your potential rewards, or team boosts that help the group to succeed in the mode's main event: Night Defense. Here you will fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies and protect your vats of Overcharge. Before the onslaught begins, players are given the opportunity to prepare and place traps around the map, and if you make a mistake with your placements, there’s no need to worry, they can be moved and replaced during the waves.

The more Chaos gathered during the open-world missions makes this final phase more difficult, but you’ll also have more chances to receive bigger and better rewards that can be taken back into the games single-player campaign, so choose wisely.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled to be released worldwide on the Xbox One on October 28th.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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