Plague Inc Contracts New Virus in Cross-Promotion

By Andy Mills, 4 years ago
Plague Inc: Evolved, the game where your goal is to wipe out humanity using your own created virus like some sort of crazed supervillian, has added a new weapon to its infectious arsenal. In a promotion with the film Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes from the long-running Planet Of The Apes franchise, players will be able to infect mankind with the "Simian Flu" virus.

The devastating effect on humanity will be twofold as not only will the virus be lethal to humans, it will also supplement the simian uprising happening at the same time, which the player can contribute to by sending apes to attack research labs to halt research of a cure, or hiding colonies from military drones.

Plague Inc/Planet Of The Apes crossover

This odd mixture of indie game and major movie tie-in will be included when Plague Inc: Evolved makes its release on Xbox One. Now that we've had an official tie-in, what other viruses would you like to see receive one? Time for Resident Evil's T-Virus anyone?
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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