World of Tanks Update 1.3 Incoming Soon

By Keith Gray,
Microsoft has confirmed that another game patch will be released for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition soon, in direct response to player feedback. The game's official site details the enhancements and fixes that will be applied as a result of the update.

Platoon System Updated

We know how much you love to party in Platoons, so we've revamped our system to make it even more rewarding. Our new design allows players to create Platoons based on tiers, so that members will never be ill-equipped for battle.

Better Matchmaking!

Once the Platoon Leader chooses a vehicle, other members will only be able to select tanks from their garage that are compatible with the leader's selection. Vehicles that are either too low of a tier, or too high, will not be accessible. Generally, you will want to select the highest tier vehicle that is compatible to maximize your efforts in battle. If you are unable to select any vehicles in your Garage, you will either need to purchase a compatible tier vehicle, or communicate with your Platoon Leader to change their selection.

New Interface

The Platoon list has been moved from the upper right to the left side of the screen. Here you can easily assess the other members of the Platoon while keeping your selected vehicle in view. Just above your Gamertag at the top of the screen, you will notice the new "Ready" text. This displays the status of your Platoon at all times, regardless of which menu you are viewing.

If you would like to brush up on the basics of Platooning, please have a look at our Game Guide, or jump in the game and view our Platoon tutorial Video in the Training section of the Garage.

Battle Results Screen Updated

We're adding some features back to the Battle Results screen, at your request. You will now be able to see your stats on a tank by tank basis.

The Battle Awards and Ribbons earned in battle are displayed at the top, your earnings are shown on the bottom left, and your Battle Efficiency information is located on the bottom right.

The following information can be found in the Battle Efficiency section:
- Spotted: A checkmark indicates that you spotted the vehicle.
- Assist: The amount of damage dealt to an enemy that you spotted.
- Critical Hits: The number of critical hits done to a specific vehicle in battle.
- Tank Damage: The amount of damage dealt to the enemy vehicle.
- Destroyed: A checkmark indicates that you destroyed the tank.

Weather / Night Map Variants Added

We're adding more of the popular night and rain variants to your favorite maps.

German Tanks Added

Two German tanks have been added to the game: the tier IV heavy tank, Durchburuchswagen 2 and the tier VI medium tank, VK 30.02 M
Ahead of Update 1.3, the game's servers will be down for around eight hours from midnight (PDT) on July 8th. The changes should take effect after that period.

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Written by Keith Gray
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