Destiny Beta & Collector's Edition Details Emerge

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
Grab a napkin, Gamers, because Bungie has unleashed a torrent of drool-worthy news about their upcoming sci-fi opus, Destiny.

Let's start with the new hotness that is the revelation of the two Collector's Editions of the game that have been revealed and are now available for preorder.

For those of you (like me) who like a little something extra but don't want to throw down a significant chunk of cash on a shiny bauble, there is the Limited Edition, which is set to include the following:

* Limited edition SteelBook™ Case and Game Disc
* Early access to the Vanguard Armoury weapons and gear and an exclusive Vanguard player emblem
* Guardian Folio:
o Arms & Armament Field Guide
o Postcards from the Golden Age
o Antique Star Chart

* Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack:
o Unique Ghost Casing
o Exclusive Player Emblem
o Exclusive Player Ship Variant

* Destiny Expansion Pass – expands the Destiny adventure post-launch with the following two expansions, which will include brand new story missions, cooperative activities and competitive multiplayer arenas and a wealth of all new weapons, armour and gear to earn:
o Expansion I: The Dark Below – Set deep beneath the surface of the Moon, fans will discover an ancient tomb that has been unsealed, and a dark god who has risen an evil army in the depths of the Hellmouth, the home of the Hive enemy race
o Expansion II: House of Wolves – details will be revealed later
LE 1

LE 2

All this goodness can be yours for the low-low price of $99.99/£94.99.

For those who like to collect sweet tchotchkes and have a bit more cashola, you can upgrade to the Ghost Edition, which contains all of the goodness of the Limited Edition PLUS the following:

* Ghost replica, featuring motion-activated lights and voice recordings from award-winning actor Peter Dinklage, voice of the Ghost character, the player’s personal companion in the game
* Letter of Introduction
* Golden Age Relics, which include a Photo, Patch, Sticker and two Chrome slides of the Traveler
LE 3

LE 4

The Ghost Edition carries with it the price tag of $149.99/£149.99.

Bungie has also provided a link stating where you can buy/pre-order your copy.

Not only does pre-ordering secure you one of these shiny editions (which are selling out FAST, by the looks of it), but it also gets you access to the Beta that is set to open on July 23rd for 360 and Xbox One owners and run until July 28th.

To tease a bit more out of what you'll be playing at the end of the month, Bungie has graced us with an Official Beta Trailer... again, napkins for drool at the ready.

Finally, Bungie Technical Artist, Nate Hawbaker used his techno-wizard (...from the moon!) skills to create some panorama shots of some of Destiny's luscious scenic spaces.

Beyond the Buried City, across the crimson dunes of Mars.Beyond the Buried City, across the crimson dunes of Mars.

The Shattered Coast of Venus, claimed by nature (and Vex).The Shattered Coast of Venus, claimed by nature (and Vex).

The Hellmouth Citadel, many chambers below the surface of the Moon.The Hellmouth Citadel, many chambers below the surface of the Moon.

The Cosmodrome, made strange by the passage of time.The Cosmodrome, made strange by the passage of time.

The Tower, overlooking the last safe city on Earth.The Tower, overlooking the last safe city on Earth.

Destiny is set for a September 9th release on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.
Jonathan Barnes
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