Carcassonne (WP) Meets Its Maker

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Barely a week goes by without news of another delist from the Windows 8 store, Windows Phone store or the Xbox LIVE Games Store. This week is no exception. The latest victim has fallen from grace in the Windows Phone store. At some point over the last few days (we're not sure when exactly), Carcassonne (WP) has been removed and is now unavailable for purchase.

While we're not entirely sure of the reason for its removal, there is a large chance that it was due to an expired licence. The XBLA version of the title still remains available and can be purchased for US$9.99 / £6.75 / €9.49 / AU$9.95 / ¥1,029.
Credit for this story goes to Senior Chupon
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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