Devolver Digital Drop Details About Shadow Warrior

By Andy Mills, 4 years ago
It had been a while since we'd heard anything about the version of Shadow Warrior coming to next-gen, but now publisher Devolver Digital has divulged a bit more about the game.

The first piece of information revealed was that there will be both a retail version and a digital version. Presumably because Devolver Digital have nearly exclusively dealt in the digital space so far, they have entered into a "retail distribution partnership" with Majesco Entertainment, publisher of games including Monaco: What's Yours is Mine and Psychonauts, who will help publish the retail version of the game. Devolver Digital CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Fork Parker was particularly pleased, mentioning that they are "absolutely thrilled to put Wang in a box".

At the same time, it was disclosed that Shadow Warrior will release at a "legacy price" of $39.99, basically meaning that it will be cheaper than a normal full retail purchase, since the game will have been out on PC for nearly a year by the time the console version releases. While certainly not a move Devolver Digital had to make, I'm sure it'll be much appreciated by anyone interested in the game.

Finally, while there wasn't a definite release date, Devolver revealed that you should be able to get your hands on Wang, and Shadow Warrior, when it releases on consoles late September.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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