Crysis 2 Limited and Nano Editions Detailed

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
The game may have been delayed, but that does not stop EA from announcing the Limited and Nano Editions for Crysis 2. Each edition will have more than the standard edition and will come in special packaging. The nice news is that the Limited Edition will cost nothing extra over the regular retail game.

The Limited edition will feature four in-game unlocks:
* Bonus XP – Players will jump into multiplayer battles with an edge by starting with enough experience points to gain early access to all 5 preset class load-outs.
* SCAR Hologram Decoy – This special attachment to the SCAR will project a hologram image of the player, allowing them to confuse their opponents with the decoy.
* SCAR Weapon Skin – This digital camouflage skin will allow players to add a personalized touch to one of the more popular assault rifles in the game.
* Platinum Dog Tag – This special one-of-a-kind dog tag is one of over 250 that will be collectible in Crysis 2 multiplayer, helping to separate you from the rest of the field.
The Nano Edition will included all that comes with the Limited Edition, but it will all be "housed" in a steel case. Included in the package is an 11 inch (28 cm) tall statue of the hero named "Prophet". Prophet will be standing on top of a New York taxi cab, to help set the atmosphere on the shelf. Additionally included in the package is a backpack modeled after the iconic Nanosuit and an art book.

The Nano Edition is only available via pre-order and will set you back $149.99 or £119.99.

Oh yes, mentioned in the press release is the announcement for a closed Beta for Xbox 360 users. No details on how to get into the Beta at this time.

Crysis 2 will see a release on March 25th, 2011.