XBL Content Roundup: July 11th, 2014

By Rebecca Smith,
Windows 8 Games

This title received a soft release in Trinidad & Tobago a month ago. Now the title has been released worldwide.

Microsoft Jigsaw (Windows 8)
Size: 192.2 MB
Price: FREE
Introducing the all new Microsoft Jigsaw - the perfect fit for your Windows 8 device! Play hundreds of puzzles in three exciting game modes: Classic Jigsaw, Jigsaw Jam, and Daily Challenges. Intuitive controls make Microsoft Jigsaw great on your mouse & keyboard and excellent on a touchscreen.

With multiple game modes, downloadable puzzle packs, and the ability to create your own custom puzzles, you will never run out of things to do in Microsoft Jigsaw!

Classic Jigsaw Mode
Play a wide variety of traditional jigsaw puzzles in Classic Jigsaw mode. Microsoft Jigsaw includes tons of themes and puzzle images to choose from, and you can select the number of pieces in the puzzle to make it easier or more difficult. You can zoom, automatically arrange pieces, and use special in-game trays to help sort pieces. If you enjoy real jigsaw puzzles, Microsoft Jigsaw is the best PC and tablet classic jigsaw experience you’ll find!

Jigsaw Jam
Jigsaw Jam is a fun upbeat new game mode that's excellent for beginners and experts alike! Place pieces one at a time while the timer ticks away - find the right fit for each piece quickly to earn bonus multipliers and get a high score! Jigsaw Jam is very easy to play, but will be challenging to master.

Custom Puzzles
Why not turn your favorite memory or funniest photo into a jigsaw puzzle? With Microsoft Jigsaw, you can import your own photos from your device or camera to use in your puzzles! You can even export your custom puzzles and share them with your family and friends.

Daily Challenges
The same Daily Challenge experience you know and love from our other Microsoft games on Windows 8 comes to Microsoft Jigsaw! Players receive a set of challenges each day, including fresh Jigsaw variants and new game modes. Complete enough Daily Challenges in a month to earn badges and compete with your friends.

Xbox Support
Log in with your Xbox account to earn achievements, compete with your friends, submit your scores to the leaderboards, and track your personal gameplay statistics. If you use your Xbox account to sign in, your games will be saved in the cloud, so you can play from any supported device.
DLC with Achievements

Two more pieces of DLC appear for the next title. Just one more pack to go and then we're finally caught up with the PC DLC. This content is not available in Australasia.

Painkiller Hell & Damnation
• "Painkiller Hell & Damnation: City Critters"
Achievements: 1 for a total of 50G
Price: US$6.99 / £5.59 / €6.99
In this DLC for Painkiller Hell & Damnation, players will be able to riot in a fresh urban environment. Be the Tarzan of doom in the concrete jungle surroundings. “We built this city, we built this city on death and souls” (Daniel Garner, demon slayer and “Starship”-fan, 2013). Key Features 3 single player/coop maps in urban environment: Prison, Apocalyptic City and Pentagon. New multiplayer map “Factory” for the following modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Survival Revamped boss-encounter: the Gigantic Panzer Demon makes its return with new skills and abilities in a new environment with new gameplay elements Revamped enemies: Apocalyptic Zombies in various shapes and suitably bizarre fashion statements, Winged Demons, Apocalyptic Amputee, Minigun Hell-Bikers, Giant Spider Minibosses
City Critters Apocalyptic City 1

City Critters Apocalyptic City 2

City Critters Pentagon 1

City Critters Pentagon 2

City Critters Prison 1

City Critters Prison 2

• "Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Demonic Vacation BS"
Achievements: 2 for a total of 100G
Price: US$6.99 / £5.59 / €6.99
This is a singleplayer/coop centered DLC, introducing new maps, a new boss fight, a new weapon, and a much deeper storyline (deeper in terms of wading through demon blood): Key Features 3 singleplayer/coop maps themed around picturesque ocean view settings: Monastery, Docks and Ruins New Ruins level with epic sea-monster boss fight Redesigned boss: check out the hellish offspring of Thor and Leviathan New enemies: Ancient Soldiers, Conquistadors, Gimps Revamped enemies from the original Painkiller: Hellbikers, Rocket-Jumpers, Scythe Monks, and Grenadier Monks New weapon: Cannon; Primary Fire: shoots a massive fiery cannonball that pushes enemies away, burning/insta-gibbing them on direct hit and at close range; Secondary Fire: shoots an icy cannonball that freezes multiple enemies on direct impact, and slows enemies in an AoE-radius New Tarot Card: 666 ammo
Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea Docks 1

Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea Docks 2

Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea Monastery 1

Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea Monastery 2

Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea Ruins 1

Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea Ruins 2
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