Two Screens From Next Episode Of The Walking Dead

By Andy Mills, 4 years ago
Now that The Wolf Among Us has concluded, it looks like Telltale Games shall be returning to The Walking Dead: Season Two, with the release of a couple of screenshots from the next episode - titled "Amid The Ruins" - heralding the return.

Now I should note that the latter picture in particular may well spoil events from previous episodes, so if you haven't caught up with The Walking Dead so far, then I advise you turn away now before you are spoiled. For the rest of you, let's have a look!

Clem with Axe screenshot from Amid The Ruins

Clem with group screenshot from Amid The Ruins

There is no announcement of a release date yet but Telltale has promised more news about the release next week. They did tease that the next episode was "within arms reach", so it does appear that you'll be able to return to the adventures of Clementine and crew sooner rather than later.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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