Multiple Windows Phone Games Updated

By Michelle Balsan,
Update: To clear up some confusion, xPut Name Herex has offered an explanation of exactly what this update means, and why people are experiencing different levels of accessibility with the games listed below:

This is a list of a multitude of differing updates. Most of them are optimization updates for WP8.1 (which started rolling out internationally this week), so even if the game already ran in WP8.1 preview for developers, it should now run better. A handful of these are also support for 512MB of RAM phones, so if you [have a] low-end phone you can now play them where previously only the mid-range and up phones could play them. And then there's the few WP7 only games now updated to run on WP8(.1) devices. So some of you may have already been playing these games, while others get to play them for the first time on their devices.
Hope that clears up the confusion!

Original Story:
Sometimes, among the waves of delistings, we get to report some good news in the form of relistings. This article presents one of those opportunities.

In late 2012, as the Windows Phone upgraded from WP7.x to WP8, several games and apps were lost in the transition. These games weren't delisted per se, but people with newer handsets could not access and play this content. Now it appears that several of these items have begun to get updates that make them WP8 compatible. While we'd certainly love the arrival of more new content for the Windows Phone, these updates will give more recent adopters access to several titles that were previously unavailable. It will also allow early adopters to replay some titles they've put down for a while (because you do keep playing your WP games after you get all the achievements, right? Right?).

Here's a list of the games and apps that have received support for 512MB devices and WP8:

AlphaJax (WP) - Download here
Avatar Gadgets - Download here
Big Buck Hunter Pro (WP) - Download here
Breeze (WP) - Download here
BulletAsylum (WP) - Download here
CarneyVale: Showtime (WP) - Download here
Crafting Guide - Download here
Crimson Dragon: Side Story (WP) - Download here - Download here
Farm Frenzy 2 (WP) - Download here
Fusion: Sentient (WP) - Download here
Game Chest: Solitaire (WP) - Download here
Game Room - Asteroids Deluxe (WP) - Download here
Game Room - Centipede (WP) - Download here
Game Room - Lunar Lander (WP) - Download here
Game Room - Pitfall! (WP) - Download here
Glow Artisan (WP) - Download here
Halo: Spartan Assault (WP) - Download here
Harbor Master (WP) - Download here
Hasta La Muerte [Unreleased] - Download here
Hexic (WP) - Download here
Hexic Rush (WP) - Download here
I Dig It (WP) - Download here
iBlast Moki (WP) - Download here
ilomilo (WP) - Download here
Implode! (WP) - Download here
Jet Car Stunts (WP) - Download here
Lode Runner Classic (WP) - Download here
Max & the Magic Marker (WP) - Download here
Microsoft Mahjong (WP) - Download here
Microsoft Minesweeper (WP) - Download here
Microsoft Solitaire Collection (WP) - Download here
Mush (WP) - Download here
OMG: Our Manic Game (WP) - Download here
Parachute Panic (WP) - Download here
Rise of Glory (WP) - Download here
Shuffle Party (WP) - Download here
UFC on Xbox LIVE - Download here
Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) (WP) - Download here

There are still several games, such as The Harvest (WP), Tentacles (WP), and de Blob Revolution (WP) that are still unavailable, but we're hoping more updates will roll out to cover these games. If that happens, we'll be sure to update this list.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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