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By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
If there's one thing I know, it's that I'm not Joan Rivers when it comes to judging style.

If there's two things I know, it's that I'm not Joan Rivers and that I wouldn't want Joan Rivers weighing in on video game character outfits. With that in mind, this TA Top Five revolves around some of the best outfits in gaming. Our criteria for judging was everything. These outfits can be functional and well-suited to the game, stylish, fun, or simply just noteworthy. The only disqualifier is that the outfit must be most-associated with a video game (pour out one for the Batsuit here). As you can imagine, it's quite a list and (judging by the comments most weeks) your favorite outfit is probably not on it. Feel free to let us know about our most egregious errors your favorite outfits in the comments!

Honorable Mentions

Ezio's Robes - Assassin's Creed II - Assassin's Creed: Revelations
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Equal parts stylish and practical, Ezio's robes in Assassin's Creed not only allow him to conceal the majority of his assassin's tools, but also look great when strolling through the streets of Venice. Furthermore, Ubisoft gave gamers the chance to customize and upgrade Ezio's robes, allowing them to change their color and maximum inventory for ammunition.

Agent 47's Suit - Hitman Series
Top Five

While 47 may take many disguises, it's hard to beat his standard set. It's style, man... pure style.

Top Five

5. HEV Suit - Half-Life 2

Where would Gordon Freeman be without his HEV Suit? Dead in a ditch... that's where. The Mark V suit, which debuted in Half-Life 2, featured many things that gamers couldn't get by without: a HUD, sprinting, a zoom feature, an injector to administer antidotes for neurotoxins (from those pesky Headcrabs), and the (always-needed) flashlight.

4. Ghost Armor - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

When you absolutely need to keep a solider alive and mobile, you put them in the Ghost Armor. Not only is it the best defensive armor in the game (+20 to defense and a +6 to HP), but it also grants increased movement speed, a grappling hook, AND the ability to become invisible four times per mission for one full turn. In short, the character becomes invisible, heartier, more mobile, and harder to kill. In a game with achievements like Ain't No Cavalry Comin', which require you to have a soldier survive every mission in a full game, Ghost Armor is almost invaluable.

3. Resource Integration Gear (RIG) - Dead Space Series

In Dead Space, Isaac's got 99 problems, but his RIG ain't one. Upgradable, utilitarian, and (let's face it) it's pretty darn cool when you actually see it go all Iron Man when it gets upgraded in Dead Space 2. As awesome and iconic as the Plasma Cutter is in the franchise, the RIG deserves a place right beside it.

2. Bayonetta's Hair - Bayonetta
Bayonetta 1

If you haven't played Platinum Games' signature hack & slash title, you might not be aware that the titular character's outfit is actually her hair, which responds, moves, and changes with her attacks. The more ferocious her attack, the more hair is used, and the more... well... naked Bayonetta gets. While the mechanic may invite an objectifying stare or two, it certainly is an incredibly unique twist.

1. Master Chief's MJOLNIR Power Armor - Halo Series

Real talk: You all knew this would be here, right? Different versions of "Power Armor" are spread through many games (namely the Crysis trilogy, the Fallout series, and Vanquish ... all of which merited consideration), but in an Xbox world, none of them compare to MJOLNIR.

The MJOLNIR Power Armor (through its many Marks and variants) is just as much of a weapon as it is an outfit. With onboard AI, regenerating shields, HUD, sealed atmosphere systems, EMP and radiation defenses, amplified strength and speed, and a layer of reactive metal liquid crystal, MJOLNIR armor basically makes a SPARTAN a walking tank. SPARTANS are the best soldiers humanity has to offer and putting one in a set of MJOLNIR armor basically makes them one of the greatest weapons in the universe.

...oh, and evidently you can survive a fall from low orbit when wearing one.

The TA Team will be bringing you The TA Top Five every Sunday until we run out of coolness to debate and discuss. If you have an idea for a Top Five you'd like us to do, be sure to let us know in the comments!
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Written by Jonathan Barnes
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