GRID Autosport DLC and Patch News

By Brent Johnson, 4 years ago
Codemasters, the publisher of GRID Autosport, has released some information regarding upcoming DLC and soon-to-be-released patches for their racing title. Prior to game release, we were treated to some information on what to expect from DLC, but now fans of the series are getting more details on upcoming expansions.

On the DLC front, Codemasters confirmed that there will be three upcoming car packs released. They will be: Best of British, Coupe Style, and Road & Track. No information was given on what cars will be included in these packs, or even how many cars will be included in each release. The publisher did say, however, that more information would be coming prior to the car pack's release date.

In addition to the car packs, there will be three Mini-Expansions. Each expansion is built around a theme and will include a brand new single player championship along with a selection of tracks, routes, and cars. The themes for the expansions are: Sprint, Touring Car Legends, and Drag Racing.

The final bit of information on the DLC was the announcement that players can expect all content to be released before October 2014.

Furthermore, Codemasters released news on some upcoming patches for GRID: Autosport stating that the patches will be more than just bug fixes and will bring improvements to the game where possible. Some of the planned changes include a new, rear view mirror and improvements to multiplayer match making. Changes to the playlist can also be expected where players will see more variety because 400% more route/discipline combinations are being added. These additions will specifically include more GP routes, an increased number of routes across all five disciplines in the game, and both forward and reverse routes where possible.
Brent Johnson
Written by Brent Johnson
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