Fable Legends Reveals Another Character

By Megan Walton, 4 years ago
News on Fable Legends has been fairly quiet recently, but following on from the second character reveal, we've now got a third character to welcome to the group. Say hello to Shroud, an assassin member of the Conclave.

Shroud’s approach to killing is to do it loud and do it proud! By his reckoning, if you kill someone you should make sure everyone knows who did it, while giving them no evidence to prove it. Do it this way and you not only get repeat business, but the added benefit of averted eyes when you move through a crowded room to complete your next contract. Hide in plain sight, leave your bodies where they can be found and freeze people with a smile. That way you can dress in black silk rather than faded grey sack cloth. Shroud wouldn’t be seen dead in sack cloth.


A member of the Conclave (Albion’s best known secret society), Shroud has been trained in the arts and crafts of covert killing, alongside the day-to-day practical assassin skills of bookkeeping, villager relations, advertising, legal evasion and debt collection. The Conclave is said to have ears in every room, an eye on every person and a reach that is almost as long as its memory. This mysterious, sinister, ancient and adjective-obsessed group of assassins offers its services to anyone in Albion who requires the removal of human obstacles.

Lord or peasant, man or woman, Hobbe or Puck, none are safe from the Conclave once a contract has been signed and paid for. Admittedly, the people who say this the loudest are members of the Conclave, but anyone wishing to dispute it would be wise to think more than twice before saying anything face-to-face with one of their black-cloaked killers.
Fable Legends still has no official release date, but we'll keep bringing you any more news on the game as we get it.
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Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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