Xbox One's August Update Detailed

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
We're now just past the half-way point of the month, and anyone who has been paying attention to the trend knows that by now we usually have an idea of what is coming in the next month's Xbox One update. Today, sure enough, Larry Hryb revealed all of the new improvements that will be coming the One's way this August. The new update will focus a lot on improving the social experience on the console, but perhaps the biggest reveal is that users will now be able to buy games remotely on SmartGlass or, and have them begin downloading on the console automatically.

Hryb was once again was joined by Richard Irving from the Xbox Engineering team, as the two went over all of the new features coming to the console.

For those who want to pick through the individual features, rather than watch the video, here is a complete list of everything coming in the August update.

Activity Feed updates:
The Activity Feed will now change to a single scrolling column which will allow you to post text to the feed, and like or comment on feed items of your friends. You will now be able to share game clips, or other feed items, either publicly on your own activity feed, or as part of a private message. Notifications will alert you when anyone likes, comments on, or shares your items. The new activity feed layout will also translate onto SmartGlass devices as well.

New Friends tab on Home:
A new tab will be inserted in-between the Home and Store tabs, which will be dedicated to an easier look at what your friends are up to. The tab appears to be split into three sections - a current activity feed that also shows how many of your friends are online, a list of the top trending games that your friends have recently been playing, and something that should appeal to the TA community, the last section will include a gamerscore leaderboard that will display which of your friends have been earning the most gamerscore lately.

Remote Purchasing & Downloading:
What Hryb claims is one of the most requested features on Xbox Feedback, Xbox One users will now be able to remotely purchase games and Add-On content using a SmartGlass device or The best part is that if you have your console set to automatically take updates, when you make your remote purchase your console will power on just enough to download and install your newly purchased content.

Last Seen time in Friends List:
Also a direct result of Xbox Feedback, the Friends List will now show how long it's been since a friend has been online. It will appear, for example, as "Last seen 20m ago: Forza Motorsport 5."

Low Battery Notification:
In a previous update, Microsoft improved on the controller interface by allowing users to see how much battery life was remaining in their controller. Building off of that, a notification will now pop up when your battery is getting low.

Disable notifications during Video:
Do you hate it when you're trying to enjoy watching a video, and notifications keep popping up? Well now notification settings will include an option to keep all notifications on, but turn them off while watching video.

3D Blu-Ray Enabled:
A new update to the Blu-Ray player app will enable 3-D functionality.

OneGuide coming to four new countries:
Users in Brazil, Mexico, Austria and Ireland will now be able to configure live TV listings as part of this month's Preview program.

What are you happiest about with the new features coming this August? Anything still missing that you think is essential? Sound off in the comments below, and if there is a thread on Xbox Feedback you want to promote, be sure to share it with all of us. It's very clear that the most requested new features are being noticed by Microsoft, so it can only be beneficial to spread the word.

Thank you to all of the members of the community who sent this in!
Marc Caccamise
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