Titanfall Frontier's Edge Export Screenshots

By Keith Gray, 4 years ago
Respawn Entertainment has previously revealed screenshots and other information about the first map in the second Titanfall DLC pack, "Frontier's Edge". After highlighting Dig Site earlier in the week, the developer has given Export the same treatment.

The nearby mines fueled this large Militia settlement, an important exporting hub built on the side of a mountain that recalls the gold rush boom-towns from centuries earlier. Overshadowed by a massive armature that controls an offshore lock system for marine transport, Export caters to close-quarter, house-to-house combat for ground troops. Pilots use this to their advantage by using quick wall-hops on the close structures to gain speed and height, then engage enemies from the low rooftops. Titans can lock down sections of the town by leveraging natural choke points, and often fight up a steep incline that leads to a commanding view of the town below.



As we've already confirmed recently, "Frontier's Edge" will cost £7.99 (or equivalent). Alternatively, "Expedition", "Frontier's Edge", and the as yet untitled final content pack can be purchased as a bundle for £19.99, courtesy of the Titanfall Season Pass. "Frontier's Edge" still does not have a confirmed release date.
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