New Footage Summarises The Crew

By Keith Gray, 4 years ago
Ubisoft has recently released footage of upcoming open-world racing title, The Crew. The game's Lead Mission Designer, Serkan Hassan, talks us through many aspects of the title that is set to morph several genres like never before.

The racing action will take place on a single server with the entire US landscape available to explore. The MMO elements allow players to race against friends and strangers, with the reward of cash, experience points, and car parts for successful driving. The Crew will feature missions as "the glue of the game" that can be completed solo or in co-op across many locations. Alternatively, the title also includes PVP missions, where players compete against up to seven other drivers in specific race-style events. As well as the many missions, gamers can also partake in skill challenges that are likely to be more of a test of their driving skills. The development team expect that the skill challenges will offer up a good deal of replayability as players take multiple attempts at challenges to gain bragging rights on the game's online leaderboards. Players should take note of the key locations within the game, such as the HQ, car dealerships, and car tuning shops, as these will be an integral part of the racing experience.

The following video showcases highlights from the title's closed PC beta. Although it does not necessarily represent the final version of the game on other platforms, it should give at least some indication of what can be expected.

Developed by Ivory Tower, The Crew is scheduled for Xbox One release on November 11th, following an earlier delay.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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