Gamescom 2010 - Call Of Duty: Black Ops

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Following on from an exclusive interview with Hank Keirsey, the Black Ops military advisor (full interview Q&A to follow) we got to see more action from two additional levels of the game.

As with the demo yesterday, stealth is highly prominent in the first mission that we saw. Based in Vietnam, and after being shot down in enemy infested waters, the first task was to escape the sinking helicopter. We then had to swim underwater to a near enemy boat, before climbing aboard and slitting the unfortunate chap’s throat in a perfect, undetected move. It must be noted at this point, much to the dismay of our friend Hank (no relation to Hankford), the gore levels have been cranked up a notch to “Uber Blood and Guts”.

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It continues with our Black Ops operative progressing through a village with another squad member, quietly disposing of resting enemies. To wrap up, the level is very similar to those found in other COD games with a full on gun fight at the end.

Then the pace changed completely, with a very different theme which saw our Black Ops operator manning a Russian Helicopter Gunship, after escaping from being held captive.

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This looked the coolest of the four levels that we’ve seen so far, with the player steering and controlling the on-board weapons, which included both Rockets and Machine Guns. We flew through a canyon destroying boats, huts, trucks, bridges, helicopters and just about anything else that moved, or actually didn’t move! We are hoping that this is going to be a very satisfying level to play.

More on Black Ops coming soon in our exclusive interview with Hank Keirsey, the Black Ops Military Advisor.

The game is released on November 9th, but I'm sure you already knew that smile
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