Let's Talk with MegsonGrove

By Marc Hollinshead, 4 years ago
Hello, everyone! Due to an unexpected call away to work, our previously promised guest was unable to take the time for a chat here on TA. Instead, we have the next guest on the list who is one of the site's Newshounds and a good friend of mine, MegsonGrove, to give us a little portion of her life. Don't worry, she isn't getting extra special treatment for knowing me in the real world! Now, let's give a big TA welcome to MegsonGrove!

Marc: Gamertags almost always tell something about their owners. Tell us about yours.

MG: MegsonGrove is a username I use for most websites now, so that was easy to pick. The "Megson" part came about because my sister and I used to love watching Beyblade (lame I know) and from the character Tyson my sister gave me the nickname "Megson".

Marc: What about your signature? (skip if you don’t have one)

It is just my twitter username, and then bragging about the fact I'm a Newshound, nothing exciting!

Marc: How long have you been gaming?

Realistically since I was very young, but properly maybe teenage years with my PS1 and Gameboy. I only got my Xbox360 in the middle of my first year at uni, so Xbox gaming since 2010 I would say.

Marc: Do others in your family game, or are you a first-generation gamer?

I used to watch my dad on Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive when I was young, and tried my best to play along. My Dad would play the PS1 and PC, and my sister has played the PS1, Wii and handheld also.

Marc: What do your parents/significant other/friends have to say about your gaming?

Parents aren't really bothered as long as I'm not sat on it all the time on my days off! My boyfriend games as well so that's fine, and we've co-oped a fair few games like Halo 4 and Star Trek, and online as well on Grand Theft Auto V. The only gaming friend I really have in real life is you, Marc!

Marc: Well, I am awesome like that. smile

Assuming you’re not a professional gamer, what’s your day job?

I work in the kitchen of a hospice literally round the corner from where I live! I'm there just 3 days a week (more than enough) and doing overtime here and there while I figure out what I actually want to do long term job-wise.

Marc: Any ideas what you want that long term job to be?

MG: I'm really undecided about that at the moment actually. I can't decide whether I'd like to write for a living (after doing Creative Writing at Uni) because I don't want to stop enjoying writing. Sometimes I think I'd like to bake for a living too, so I guess we'll just see what happens!

Marc: I'm sure you'd be great at either! There's no need to rush, though. Take your time to figure out what's best for you :-)

What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Writing is a big passion of mine, so being a newshound for TA is perfect! I also write poetry, some of which has been published, and enjoy doing the odd drawing here and there. I used to go to a lot of the mcm expos in Manchester and London, but haven't done as much recently, which needs to change! I'm also a bit of a mad baker, and often make cakes and things for friends and family!

MegsonGrove 3

Marc: Those are some seriously amazing cakes! I certainly enjoyed devouring that PAC-MAN one. :-P. I also miss the fun of those expos, too...

Tell us about your home life – parents, spouse, children, significant other, animal companions?
MegsonGrove 1

MegsonGrove 2

I'm at home at the minute with the parents and my 18 year old sister Lucy. It's hard being back at home after having my own flat for uni, but while I'm working round the corner I might as well stay. My boyfriend has just finished uni, so we are hoping to get a flat around Manchester at some point in the not too distant future! Also at home is my little 7 year old Jack Russell Buster, who is the stupidest dog you'll ever meet, but I love him to bits.

Marc: He is stupid, yes, but he sure is a great dog!

Of what real life achievement are you most proud? Would you give us some details?

There's a few things I'm especially proud of, but I think I'll have to go with my parachute jump! I did it a couple of years ago, and it was such an amazing experience! I did it to raise money for St. Anns Hospice (where I work now) and paid for the jump off my own back, so I managed to raise over £300. I had such a fun time, but I don't think I'd do it again!
MegsonGrove 4

Marc: That sounds like such a fantastic thing to do! I don't know whether I'd have the guts, myself!

What’s your favorite game of all time on any console? What makes it special?

I really don't know if I could pick one favourite! I have some fond memories of lots of game. Pokemon Red, that got me into the series and was an amazing game, Crash Bandicoot, the first game where I started with collectibles! In terms of Xbox games, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Assassin's Creed II and Portal are some of the first games I played on Xbox and got me well and truly addicted!

Marc: Do you remember the first game you played? What’s your fondest memory of it?

As I mentioned before, Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Megadrive! I think it was more playing on it with my Dad though which made me enjoy it so much. Sitting in the kitchen in front of the tiny TV shouting at Dr. Robotnik has stuck in my brain, and I had to download the game when I saw it on the Xbox arcade!

Marc: If some evil spell allowed you to own only a single game for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

That is really tough, but I'd have to go with an open world game I think. Something like Oblivion or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where you could be almost endlessly exploring. I'm hoping that spell never gets cast on me, though!

Marc: What part of the world do you live in? If I were to visit, what sights would I have to see?

I'm in Cheadle which is near Manchester, England, and you know it pretty well, haha! In Cheadle itself, there is not much to see! For outsiders to Manchester, I'd say go into the centre as there is so much to see there, and definitely go to Hard Rock Cafe!

Marc: Any games you regret putting on your gamertag?

Unfortunately, yes! Spartacus Legends, which I got 10/12 achievements in and don't think I'll ever motivate myself to get to level 50 and finish! Same with Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom.

Marc: If you were forced to change your gamertag, what would you change it to? What does the new tag reflect about you?

I really wouldn't want to change it as MegsonGrove has really stuck with me now, but I'd pick something similarly stupid like Megs&Bacon, which is what one of my friends in high school always used to call me.

Marc: Haha! That's an amazing nickname laugh.

Tell us about your gamer pic. Why did you choose that one?

I change it often, because I get bored of it quickly! It's currently from Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 because that was one of the games I started for my bean dive.

Marc: Do you have any particular gaming pet peeves?

MG: Achievements that have you grinding the game long after you've completed it, and people that are too good at online games and leave me feeling rubbish at it!

Marc: I know both of those feelings all too well...

What upcoming game are you most looking forward to?

I'll definitely be picking up Far Cry 4, because I enjoyed Far Cry 3 a lot. Also Dragon Age: Inquisition, because I'm hoping Alistair will make another appearance! Apart from that, I think it is going to be a wait and see what else catches my eye (and I can afford!).

Marc: As a Dragon Age lover, I also can't wait for Inquisition! Don't get your hopes up for Alistair, though...

What game are you most proud of completing? Why?

I don't have a single game, but maybe either Fallout 3 because it's so big, or Eternal Sonata because of some of the awkward achievements!

Marc: What single Xbox achievement are you most proud of? Why?

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionFoxiest of the HoundsThe Foxiest of the Hounds achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution worth 314 pointsComplete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without setting off any alarms.

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionPacifistThe Pacifist achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution worth 279 pointsComplete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights don't count.)

from Deus Ex: Human Revolution because they were such an effort and you had to be constantly checking all the way through that you hadn't been seen or your knock out hadn't accidentally killed someone!

Marc: In a slightly different vein, do you have a favorite achievement? One perhaps that you just really enjoyed attaining?

Dragon Age: OriginsFirst KnightThe First Knight achievement in Dragon Age: Origins worth 22 pointsExperienced the thrill of romance with Alistair

from Dragon Age: Origins, because I am obsessed with Alistair!

Marc: You really like the guy, don't you? What is it about Alistair that makes you flutter your eyelashes all the time?

MG: He's just so damn charming! Steve Valentine voices him amazingly, and he's a funny and interesting character to have along your journey with you. What's not to love?!

Marc: He really was an awesome companion to have. I think I kept him in my party all the way through just for his hilarious conversations with Morrigan. laugh

If you found yourself dropped into a video game, which video game character would you most want to have your back?

Jackie from The Darkness, providing he was completely on my side and in control! Also, Cole Phelps from L.A. Noire seems to know how to handle a gun and chase a criminal!

Marc: In the same scenario, what character/creature would you most/least like to see headed your way?

I would LOVE to see Alistair coming towards me! Or Gomez from Fez, because he is super cute and I want to try on his fez! I would not like to see any of the Dark Souls bosses, especially the Four Kings which are giving me hell at the moment!

Marc: I'm with you on the Dark Souls bosses! And oh boy, Alistair really has you swooning...

Any characters you would like seen thrown into video game hell?

Karol from Tales of Vesperia is a bit of an annoying little brat in my personal opinion, but I don't know if I could send him to hell! Let's send Conor from Assassin's Creed III down there actually, he did my head in as well and made it my least favourite game in the series.

Marc: Ever had any bad experiences online? How did you handle it?

I got some abuse on SoulCalibur IV once! I was awful at the game, and the only way I could win was by ring outs. Some people don't like that very much and feel the need to send a number of abusive messages. I just laughed and ignored them really, no point fretting!

Marc: I remember screaming at the TV with SoulCalibur V ...I probably should just stick with Tekken where I'm most comfortable.

Do you prefer single player or multi-player?

Single player 100%, I tend to be awful at multiplayer games and can't be bothered faffing about to get the multiplayer achievements that require a lot of planning.

Marc: Do you have a favorite group of friends you like to play with? If so, how did you meet?

My gaming is mostly done with you or the boyfriend! Eff GX has helped me with the Magic The Gathering 2013 achievements, and I hope he'll help with the others! I met him through here, but I'm happy to play with any group of people really.

Marc: Ahh, good memories of co-oping on Portal 2. Wasn't a fan of your shouting, though... :-P

If you could have a multiplayer session with anyone in the world, whom would you choose? Why?

I'd love to have a game with Stallion83 ! Haha, but really I'd prefer to get all my friends gaming and have a big session with them.

Marc: What other consoles do you own? What are your favorites on those platforms?

I've got a PS1, PS2, Wii, every different kind of Gameboy, a DS, a Megadrive, a Dreamcast and an Xbox 360. I love the old Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Pokemon games. I've always loved Crazy Taxi on my Dreamcast, another game I downloaded from the Xbox Arcade!

Marc: Have you ever had a game you really looked forward to that you were disappointed in when it finally arrived? Tell us about it.

I was disappointed how quick Deus Ex: Human Revolution dropped in price after I bought it! Also, Watch_Dogs was a day one purchase, and I didn't even finish the story before something else distracted me, when I thought I'd be on it until 100% completion.

Marc: I'm with you on Watch_Dogs. I got it for my birthday, but soon enough it was smothered by all my other games! It'll have its day eventually...

Tell us about your gaming set-up.
MegsonGrove 5

MegsonGrove 6

MG: The Xbox is crammed into my room with my double bed, desk, sofa, bookshelves and fish tank! It isn't big enough for my Kinect though, so I have to move into the lounge for that.

Marc: How do you use TA? Tracking, walkthroughs, solutions, sessions?

All of the above!

Marc: Do you ever contribute solutions?

I haven't yet, but I'm currently playing Sacred 3 to do the official TA review, so I will probably throw out a few for that after the release date.

Marc: Good job on the now released review! Now to get writing those solutions :-P

How has your gaming changed or evolved since coming to TA?

I'm more achievement orientated than I already was before joining the site, but that's about it.

Marc: What do you like and dislike most about the site?

I think it's a great idea and works really well for news and achievement information. I don't really have any dislikes strong enough to mention!

Marc: How did you learn about TA? Have you signed up any friends to the website?

I think you're the one that told me about it! Managed to get the boyfriend to sign up, but I don't think he'll really use it.

Marc: So I was! It's great to see how far you've come on the site since never being active back in the day :-P

Have you made friends here?

I would consider most of the Newshounds friends now, but the majority of people here seem very friendly so hopefully I'll make more.

Marc: If you have a pro account, what’s the most number of forced scans you’ve done in a day?

I can't remember exactly, but it has speeded up a lot now so there isn't much need for forced scans! Probably four or five times in a day maybe.

Marc: If you could have a game handcrafted just for you, what would your perfect game be?

Cross Oblivion with The Sims with Assassin's Creed and throw in some Eternal Sonata for good fun!

Marc: An RPG version of The Sims? GIMME!

Is there anything you’d like to see added to TA’s functionality?

Not that I can think of off the top of my head.

Marc: Why do you choose TA over other gaming sites?

It is such a unique site due to the mixture of scanning, achievement tracking and sessions and I think it is the whole package!

Marc: Do you have a “claim to fame” in gaming? If so, what is it?

Not that I know of!

*Lightning Round*

Favorite 360 game?


Favorite non-360 game?

Pokemon Red / Pokemon Blue

Least favorite game?

Spartacus Legends

Favorite game developer?


Favorite game weapon?

The keyblade from Kingdom Hearts

Most hated game enemy?

Those running zombies from Dead Island (Xbox 360)

Favorite game character?

I can't say Alistair again...can I?

Favorite game sidekick?

Kaine in NIER , she was badass!

Favorite game ending?

Catherine, all the endings are great and unique!

Most hated game ending?

LA Noire, WHY?!

Favorite game environment?

The worlds from Portal 1 & 2 are fun to make your way through

Favorite game music?

Can't pick one but Nier, Oblivion and Lost Odyssey are all up there

Most emotional video game moment?

Going to have to go with The Walking Dead multiple moments!

Game that shouldn’t have had a sequel?

Final Fantasy XIII (even though I've played both!)

Non-Xbox game you’d love to have achievements in?

Pokemon, that would be amazing!

*End of Lightning Round*

Marc: Is there anything in particular you want the TA community to know about you?

I think it's mostly been said in this interview to be honest!

Marc: Is there anything I haven’t asked that you want to talk about?

Nope, I think you've covered it!

Marc: Any shout-outs you want to make before we go?

Eff GX, for helping me with Magic, ChewieOnIce for being a legendary Wookie, DaveKinetic for giving me the chance to review a game, and MinionDave135 just to say hi to the boyfriend! Oh, and you, Marc Pilkington for picking me to do an interview!

So there you have it, folks. Let's give a huge thanks to MegsonGrove for taking the time to share her story with us. Now that we're back on schedule, join me in two weeks time with my next guest.

Come back to see me and, you guessed it... let's talk. wave

I'd like to remind everyone that because of the huge waiting list for candidates, I am currently not taking any applications for the Community Interview. When some of the backlog has been worked through, I'll let you know. ~ Marc
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
To summarize Marc in two words, it would be "Christian Gamer." You will usually find him getting stuck into story heavy action-adventure games, RPG's and the odd quirky title when he isn't raving about Dark Souls and Mass Effect. Outside the world of gaming, Marc attends and helps out in his church on a regular basis and has a not-so thrilling job in a supermarket.