Deep Silver Acquires Homefront IP from Crytek

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
Today, Koch Media and its publishing label, Deep Silver, announced that it has acquired the rights to the Homefront IP from developer Crytek. The acquisition includes all assets of the franchise, which also means the rights to Homefront: The Revolution, which was announced days before this year's E3. Development of The Revolution will now be handled by newly-created Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, located in Nottingham, UK.

The future of Homefront: The Revolution began to look bleak, as rumors of financial difficulties at Crytek started to surface over the past few months. Employees were rumored to have not been receiving paychecks over a period of several weeks, and things escalated when many employees had reportedly stopped coming in to work. Things seemingly worsened when some members of the upper management left the studio, which most notably included Hasit Zala, who was the game's director. With such a downward spiral of events, the question of whether The Revolution would be cancelled came into play. With Deep Silver's acquisition, who were originally set to publish this Crytek-developed game, development will continue forward.

Following in the wake of this deal, Crytek has revealed information on changes that are being made in what they call the "transition from game developer to publisher." Crytek has further explained that, in accordance of English law, the team from Crytek's Nottingham studio will transfer over to the new Dambuster studio to continue working on The Revolution, so Crytek's presence in the UK will therefore end. Meanwhile, development of the free-to-play game, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, will be transferred from Crytek's studio in Austin, Texas to Frankfurt. Crytek will still remain in Austin, but only for the purpose of maintaining the CryEngine support team to assist North American licensees.

Crytek founder and CEO, Cevat Yerli, had this to say on the changes for the company:

As we look to cement Crytek's future, this strategic deal with Koch Media would allow us to continue with our ambitious goals to become an online publisher. With Warface, Arena of Fate and HUNT, we believe we have the perfect portfolio and teams to make that happen. We would like to thank all our staff – past and present – in both Nottingham and Austin for their contributions to the company, and we wish all the very best to anyone who may no longer be under the Crytek banner moving forward.
Homefront: The Revolution was originally scheduled to release in 2015, but with the development troubles at Crytek, it is unclear as of right now how much it may be off schedule. It's good to hear the game is back on track, and that those Crytek Nottingham employees who were affected are being brought on board with Dambuster.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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