Fable III: Pub Games Alternative

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
Head of Lionhead Games, Peter Molyneux, has announced that Pub Games, a pre-release to Fable II that allowed players to start collecting cash for their in-game character by playing gambling mini-games, has been replaced with something new.

Speaking to gaming site Joystiq, he refused to get into details about the project, but touched his mobile phone as he said, "It's more to do with this sort of thing." The designer had some decisive commentary on Pub Games, describing the Xbox Live game as a "disaster." This was after finding out that some gamers had started the game with millions in gold, Lionhead had tried to pull Fable 2 out of certification in order to make the word "cheat" float over their head of anyone that left Pub Games a little too rich. He concluded, "That's not going to f*cking happen in Fable 3!"

So expect not only a Kinect tie-in with Fable III, but also a mobile tie-in as well!
I will leave you all to draw your own conclusions!

Fable III is to be released on the 26th of October in North America and the 29th of October in Europe.