Xbox One China Relase Date Revealed

By Jerry Minnich, 5 years ago
Today, Microsoft and BesTV revealed the Xbox One will launch in China on September 23rd. Marking the one year anniversary of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the Xbox One is the first gaming and entertainment console approved for sale in China.

Determined to go into this brand new market swinging, Microsoft has detailed their plans to make a big splash in Central Asia. Currently, 25 developers including Ubisoft, EA, and 2K are building over 70 games for the Xbox One, and among them are exclusive titles, free to play games, and AAA blockbusters. Microsoft's partnership with BesTV (a leading multimedia provider in China) will also bring thousands of hours of entertainment content including movies, sports, fitness, live and on-demand television programming, and locally developed applications. The Xbox One will also have various pricing models and console bundle options, as well as a two-year warranty in the Chinese market.

Yusuf Mehdi, VP of Marketing and Strategy at Microsoft, had a few words to mark the occasion:

We’re honored that Xbox One is the first console approved for sale in China through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. “We’re dedicated to earning millions of fans in China by working with BesTV to deliver an all in one games and entertainment experience starting September 23.
Zhang Dazhong, senior vice president of Shanghai Media Group (parent company of BesTV), also had this to say:

We’ve been working together with Microsoft for more than a year to prepare for the launch of Xbox One and our organizations share a vision for bringing entertainment and gaming innovation to our consumers. We are excited to start delivering on that promise and are committed to fostering China’s original game development.
Games that will be available on day one in China will include Forza Motorsport 5 , Kinect Sports Rivals, Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One), Powerstar Golf, and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One). Future titles confirmed to come to China are Sunset Overdrive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the newly announced Neverwinter (HK), with many more expected to follow.

The ID@Xbox program officially launched in China today, and an announcement was also made that Microsoft, BesTV, and the local government will be opening two innovation centers, one of which will be in Shanghai. These will serve as dedicated locations in China to foster app and game development in an effort to better streamline new content coming to the console.

The Xbox One will be sold in China starting at ¥3,699 RMB, with your typical retail game costing ¥249 RMB and yearly Xbox Live subscriptions running at ¥199 RMB. All consoles will come bundled with Neverwinter and Powerstar Golf and free Xbox Live Gold through March 2015. A Day One version that will also include Kinect, a limited-edition Day One controller, Day One achievement, Kinect Sports Rivals, Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year, Neverwinter Online Commemorative Edition Pack and Powerstar Golf with in-game credits will retail at ¥4,299 RMB and is available for preorder in China now.

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Jerry Minnich
Written by Jerry Minnich
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