TA Gaming Stats - July 28th to August 3rd 2014

By Chewie, 4 years ago
This report is for the period July 28th to August 3rd 2014.

Welcome to this week's stats as July rolls into August and we continue to sit in the new release dead zone between Spring and Fall. Luckily some fairly decent sales and the odd new release is keeping us going, but the Statisticles are starting to get hot and restless. They need something to keep their spirits up, so next week I may give them a special stats table to work on. That way they're kept busy and we're kept interested.

Games Started
39,240 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 62,842 games between them (2,061 different games).

With the end of the month comes the changing of the guard for free "Games with Gold" titles on the One. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One) and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One) lose their freeness, taking third and fifth place behind new freebies Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut. Crimson Dragon proves most popular with over 7,600 starters in first place, whilst Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, the first independently published ID@Xbox title released on the One, takes second with 3,200 starters, less than half of Crimson Dragon's numbers. Meanwhile, last week's new app/game VoiceStudio increases its numbers from 670 to just under 770 in fourth place as more people realise it represents easy gamerscore.

A themed sale boosts the popularity of Battlefield 4 (Xbox One), putting it back on the table in sixth place with almost 550 starters. Interestingly, the rest of the table is mostle made of of EA titles, including https://www.trueachievements.com/Peggle-2-Xbox-One/achi....htm, Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One) and FIFA 14 (Xbox One). The astute amongst you will notice that those titles, along with Battlefield 4 are all part of the new EA Access program. The boost in numbers for these games, putting them all back onto the table, is clearly thanks to those invited to the beta of the new program.

Top Xbox One Games Started

The previous week's sale continues to have a solid impact on this week's 360 numbers, with Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon and Injustice: Gods Among Us continuing their lead. Despite the popularity of the first two iterations in the series, Sacred 3 doesn't lure too many new starters, only managing under 220 starters in fourth place. Bear in mind this doesn't include the numbers for the US as the game was released there the following week. However, I don't predict them to be too much higher.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Started

Replacing BattleBlock Theater as the new "Games with Gold" freebie on the 360, Motocross Madness takes over 7,600 starters in first place, a similar amount to Crimson Dragon on the One. Battleblock manages to retain high numbers with over 2,600 in second, although that's a drop from 4,600 the previous week. New free-to-play strategy title AirMech Arena lands in third place with over 2,300 starters.

Below those three, the numbers take a significant drop, with the rest of the titles under 360 starters. This week's single discounted XBLA title, The Splatters, unfortunately doesn't make the table.

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Games Started

Made free (again) in this week's Red Stripe sale Rabbids Big Bang (WP) jumps to the top of the table with exactly 200 starters, above The Sims FreePlay (WP), which has recently seen a boost in starters and continues to increase them this week from 95 to almost 120.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Strangely, despite being free on W8 too, Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8) doesn't make the table, which is again made up of the usual and recent Microsoft freebies. Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8) in particular continues to prove popular, retaining over 280 starters in first place.

Top Windows 8 Games Started

Games Completed
8,048 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 10,712 games between them (1,358 different games).

The easy completions for VoiceStudio continue to keep it high in the table with its 265 completions putting it into first thanks to the drop in completions for Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One) sinking that game into second. The huge increase in numbers for Strike Suit Zero helps put it onto the table in tenth with over 50 completions. Crimson Dragon doesn't have the same effect as it is notoriously tough to complete. Currently, only 1% of players have finished it.

The "Frontier's Edge" DLC for Titanfall (Xbox One) helps put the game back on the table in ninth with over 50 completions.

Top Xbox One Games Completed

Now that enough of the new players have worked their way through the game, Destroy All Humans takes to the table in first place with almost 90 completions, whilst previous number one, Murdered: Soul Suspect, slips into third behind South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360).

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Completed

"Episode 4: Amid the Ruins" for The Walking Dead: Season Two continues to pull in hella completions in first place, despite dropping by over half from 3,400 to 1,600 completions. Recent sale title The Raven climbs up from eighth with around 45 completions to sixth with 70, whilst also recently discounted Assassin's Creed Liberation HD goes in the opposite direction from seventh with 45 to tenth with under 40.

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Games Completed

There's not much new here, with mostly just easy and popular games represented as normal. Also, with the numbers of completions so close together (between 10 and 30), most titles on the table are fairly interchangeable.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Microsoft Mahjong (Win 8) and Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 8) continue to prop up the table, with the rest at under 20 completions.

Top Windows 8 Games Completed

Achievements Won
77,834 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 1,227,049 achievements online between them (60,800 different achievements).

Crimson Dragon dominates most of the table, claiming seven spots, including the top four. A single achievement for Strike Suit Zero manages to slip into fifth place, whilst seventh and tenth are taken by achievements from the "Frontier's Edge" DLC in Titanfall.

Top Xbox One Achievements Won

Destroy All Humans and Injustice continue to do well on the table, claiming six spots between them. Meanwhile, Dark Souls and Grand Theft Auto V take two spots each, the latter no doubt thanks to the Double RP weekend helping people hit Level 50.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Achievements Won

Motocross Madness easily takes the clean sweep on the table thanks to its huge number of new players.

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Achievements Won

Rabbids Big Bang takes four places, including the top spot, with Sims Freeplay and Temple Run left to share out the remainders.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Now that the game's been out a month, enough people have been able to get time-based achievements Marathon and Perfection to put Microsoft Sudoku (Win 8) in the top two spots, above the usual Jigsaw achievements.

Top Windows 8 Achievements Won

Action-Adventure manages to stay above 9.5 million in first place and isn't challenged too much by Shooter's rise from 7.5 million to almost 8.5 million in second. Crimson Dragon gives Action a boost up from fourth with around 2.9 million to third with over 5.9 million. Strike Suit Zero does a similar thing for Vehicular Combat, putting the genre onto the table in ninth with 720,000. Racing also gets a bump thanks to Motocross Madness from seventh with 1.4 million to sixth with nearly 2.3 million.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure9,532,947
  • Shooter8,472,191
  • Action5,292,106
  • Role-Playing3,519,123
  • Platformer2,397,777
  • Racing2,286,746
  • Sports2,135,057
  • Adventure856,310
  • Vehicular Combat722,019
  • Puzzle655,174

That's all the stats we have for you this week. Next week may also be a quiet one with only some Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC and a surprise WP release on the new release front. Then again, the big Capcom sale may also give us something to talk about. Oh, and we'll hopefully have that special table too.
Written by Chewie
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