SpeedRunners Confirmed for Xbox One

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
Publisher tinybuild GAMES, in conjunction with developer DoubleDutch Games, have announced that they will be bringing SpeedRunners to Xbox One sometime in the future.


Currently available on PC via the Steam platform and also previously published as SpeedRunners HD via the Xbox Live Indie Games program, this is a zany multiplayer platformer that will allow up to four players (either online or local) to race each other to reach the end of each of the game's stages. All players can make use of an array of weapons and traps against the other players to tilt the odds of winning in their favour. Any player that falls behind and off the screen due to being too slow will be eliminated from the match. If it's anything like the PC version, it may also come with a single player campaign mode baked in.

Check out the fast paced gameplay in action:

Catch SpeedRunners when it is released sometime in 2015.

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