COD: Advanced Warfare Collector's Editions

By Brent Johnson, 4 years ago
November is typically a monumental month in the gaming industry. Publishers are squeezed by time in an attempt to get their games on the shelves in time for holiday shopping; and gamers' wallets are squeezed in an attempt to snatch up every blockbuster title they have been salivating over for several months. This November will be no different as several major titles are set for release during the month.

One franchise that will yet again be adding to the crunch this November is Call of Duty. Love it or hate it, the Call of Duty franchise is among the best selling franchises in history and seemingly breaks sales records every year. The newest title in the franchise, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, being developed by Sledgehammer Games, will look to continue the success of the series this coming November.

The game will be set in the year 2054 when worldwide warfare is dominated by private military corporations (PMC's). One of the leading PMC's is Atlas Corporation, which is lead by the game's main protagonist, Jonathan Irons. Taking the lead from this basic setup, the collector's editions for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are all themed around the Atlas Corporation. The 3 available editions are: Atlas Pro Edition, Atlas Limited Edition and Atlas Digital Pro Edition.

All 3 editions include the following:

* Atlas Gorge: bonus multiplayer map. It is a re-envisioning of Pipeline, a popular Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map.
* Atlas Digital Content Pack:
- 2 Atlas themed weapons (Bal-27 AE Assault Rifle & Atlas AE 45 Pistol).
- Atlas Exoskeleton (red, white and black, PMC issued).
- Atlas helmet.
- Atlas Player Card (featuring a custom Atlas calling card & emblem).
* 5 Bonus Supply Drops: more information on supply drops will be revealed next week).
* Single Player Exoskeleton Upgrade Token

Further details on each individual edition listed below.

box art limited

collection limited

Atlas Limited Edition ($79.99/£69.99):
* All the content listed above
* Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual (contains original concept art, historical and tactical information)
* Collectible Steelbook (featuring premium in game artwork)
* Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Soundtrack (digital copy)

box art pro

collection pro

Atlas Pro Edition ($119.99/£99.99):
* All the content listed above
* All the content included in the Atlas Limited Edition
* Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass (4 DCL map packs planned)

Atlas Digital Pro Edition ($99.99/£89.99):
* All the content listed above
* Atlas Digital Edition Personalization Pack (more details to be revealed soon)
* Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass (4 DCL map packs planned)

The Atlas Limited Edition and Atlas Pro Edition are both currently available for preorder while the Atlas Digital Pro Edition will become available "at a later date" according to the publisher.

Some new screenshots were also included in the press release:
screenshot 4

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

screenshot 3

One last bit of news is the announcement that the game's multiplayer will be revealed worldwide on August 11th. The trailer below was posted in support of that news.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set for worldwide release for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 4th, 2014.
Brent Johnson
Written by Brent Johnson
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