TA Top Five: Franchises We Wish Were On Xbox

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
If you're anything like me (and who's to say you're not) you spend money on quite a few things: alcohol, squiring around the significant other, and (if there's cashola left over) things like food, water, and shelter. The one thing that's not in the budget is a second gaming system. Unfortunately, we in "one-system" houses are missing out on a load of wonderful games. This week's Top Five is a list of franchises we wished were playable on this site's favorite console(s).

As always, you are more than welcome to let us know where this list falls short in the comments.

Honorable Mentions

Metroid - Nintendo Systems

From its eight-bit origins all the way through the Prime series (let's all take the Blue Pill on Other M, shall we?), Nintendo has given fans one of the most iconic adventures in gaming history as the bounty hunter Samus tracks down her targets, upgrades her weapons and suit, and blasts the ever-loving crap out of aliens.

God of War - Sony Systems

As a big fan of Greek mythology, it pains me that I've never been able to play through Kratos' vengeful epic. While there are other violent, hack-and-slash, action titles available on Microsoft consoles (Dante's Inferno), virtually no other source material has every lent itself to "M" rated action like Greek mythology. With that being said, Sony Santa Monica took every advantage (and liberty) surrounding the violence, debauchery, and general mayhem of ancient Greece to craft Kratos' bloody and carnal path of revenge.

MLB: The Show - Sony Systems

There hasn't been a competent baseball game on Microsoft systems since... well... almost ever. Sony San Diego consistently (forgive the pun) knocks it out of the park with their annual baseball entry. With the sheer lack of MLB games on Xbox platforms this year (R.B.I. Baseball 14 fans can form an orderly queue behind the "Nostalgia Made Us Do It" sign), The Show stands as not only the best option, but the only option for baseball fans.

Top Five

5- Journey - Sony Systems

A unique game without words, without combat, and without much context, Journey is a game that can be accessible to almost anyone who can hold a controller. With subtle direction, engaging art style, and a unique co-op/multiplayer experience, Journey presents something almost entirely singular in games.

4- Pokémon - Nintendo Systems

I'm a bit (or a lot) too old to have enjoyed Pokémon, so I called in the Newshound Team's resident Poké-expert, MegsonGrove, to step in on this Top Five:

If, like me, you grew up in the 90's with a Gameboy, you'll have found it pretty much impossible to avoid Pokémon. Red and Blue started with 151 Pokémon to catch, and now X and Y have over 700. Whether it's watching your starting Pokémon evolve for the first time, finally filling your Pokédex, or defeating the elite four for the first time, you're addicted from start to finish. Now imagine that, but in a 3-D console version? One can only dream.
3- Uncharted - Sony Systems

As Naughty Dog's modern interpretation of Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake's adventures have taken him the world over in search of loot, love, and adventure... but mostly loot. Masterfully crafted encounters and platforming hold court with top-of-the-line writing and dialogue. While the series hit its critical high mark with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the series continues on into the new generation.

2- The Legend of Zelda - Nintendo Systems

Shigeru Miyamoto's masterpiece creation has been enchanting gamers for almost thirty years. Like Metroid before it, The Legend of Zelda series has influenced a legion of gamers, game designers, and creative types. Each incarnation of Link's quest seems to bring fans out of the woodwork, creating excitement, anticipation, and a few tears of joy. One of Nintendo's many golden geese, The Legend of Zelda keeps churning out hits, or (failing that) at least sales.

1- The Last of Us - Sony Systems

I'll admit that there's a bit of recency bias here and that I'm a big time sucker for narrative driven games with engaging stories and characters, but it should be no surprise that Naughty Dog's other franchise, The Last of Us, earns a top spot. Winner of truckloads of "Game of the Year" awards and universally praised for excellence, the story of Joel and Ellie's journey across a post-apocalyptic United States swept critics and gamers away. With a recently-released, upscaled version on PS4, gamers who "converted" away from Microsoft platforms with this new generation are evidently in for a treat.

The TA Team will be bringing you The TA Top Five every Sunday until we run out of coolness to debate and discuss. If you have an idea for a Top Five you'd like us to do, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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