Deal of the Week: August 23rd, 2010

By zigs00, 8 years ago
This week's DotW sees a price drop on two pieces of DLC and two Avatar Marketplace items from the game, exclusively for Xbox Live Gold users.

First, the Rapture Metro for BioShock 2 (Xbox 360) pack, 50% off, down to just 400 MSP for the next seven days. uses some words:

As one of our valued Sinclair Solutions testers, we specially invite you to enjoy the pleasure of Rebirth! But only if you are truly dedicated and fully ranked up. However all testers are eligible for the 6 new maps in Rapture Metro. What’s your golf handicap? Take this chance to turn your handicap into your enemy’s with this fresh melee mode where every blunt object is a golf club.
Download link:

The second DLC pack on offer this week is sadly achievement-less, but at only 240 MSP it's still worth your pennies. uses some different words than those previous words to describe the content:

Opportunity Awaits! Expand your BioShock 2 multiplayer experience with a rank increase to 50 with Rank Rewards including a 3rd set of weapons upgrades. Plus, enjoy 20 new Trials, 2 new playable characters and 5 new Masks. Yes! We’d thought you’d like the sound of that!
Download link:

From the Avatar Marketplace, this DotW sees a price drop on both the "Rosie Big Daddy Outfit," down to 240 MSP, and the "Watchface Big Daddy Doll" prop, now only 120 MSP. For those people who like links, here is some to enjoy.

Male avatar Rosie Big Daddy Outfit:

Female avatar Rosie Big Daddy Outfit:

Watchface Big Daddy Doll: