Report Forum Post Feature Now Live

By xPut Name Herex, 4 years ago
Hey TAers,

TrueAchievements is a community site as much as it is an achievement tracking site. To that end, the Moderation Team works tirelessly to try to keep the forums clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. They do a tremendous job keeping an eye on any untoward behavior wherever it may occur. However, as the site grows in size, it becomes more difficult to keep up, with increases in threads and posting activity. This is where you come in!

We have now added the ability to report forum posts. To report a post, simply click on the
icon, located in the top right of any forum post. Submit a reason for the report to inform the moderators of the post. Each individual post can only be reported once. If you are unable to report a specific post, it is probably because someone else has already done so.

Please be in mind of the Site Rules when submitting reports to the Moderation Team. Just because you disagree with a post, it does not necessarily mean it is against the site rules, although you can always report anything you are unsure about, just in case.

Furthermore, while we promise we will look at all of the reports we receive, we won't be able to respond back to you about the status of the report. And please note that abuse of the report post button will result in loss of the feature.

For all other incidents of bad user behavior, please send a Private Message to a moderator, as per usual.

We thank you for helping making TA an even better community to live and play games in.

Happy Gaming!

- xPut Name Herex, Forum Manager