Saints Row Double Pack Confirmed

By zigs00,
It's been a minor rumour for a while, but Volition have confirmed that the Saints Row Double Pack is legit, featuring both Saints Row and Saints Row 2 in the one box (though both games come on separate discs).

You can see the item for yourself on Gamestop's website where the price is listed at $30 (USD), with a confirmed release date of September 7th. Irritatingly, there's no word yet on when or if the Double Pack will be released outside of North America, but fingers crossed it will. If anyone does spot the item available anywhere else, let us know in the comments!

It's worth noting that the Double Pack doesn't appear to include the second game's DLC packs, so if you're a completionist you should bear that additional cost in mind.

Gives you plenty time to get through them both before Saints Row 3 releases next year wink