Fable Legends New Character and Beta Announcement

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
With the next generation of Fable set to drop at a still-to-be-determined time, Lionhead doesn't want to keep gamers waiting too long for their hit of some Albion goodness. Announced at Gamescom 2014, Fable Legends will have a multiplayer beta this October on the Xbox One. Gamers who are interested are encouraged to sign up on the game's website.

To further entice your curiosity, we also have a handful of new screenshots for your eyeballs to relay to your brain.

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Lionhead has also revealed a new Will-Focused, character for Legends, Glory:
Gamescom 4

Daughter of a rich merchant, Glory grew up in luxury. If she wanted something all she had to do was smile, and Glory was very, very good at smiling. In fact Glory was very, very good at most things. The most intelligent, charming and accomplished girl in the town, she was, of course, loved by the ‘simple’ folk that lived there. The townsfolk made way for her when she went out into the town, they bowed, they scraped and they gave her tokens of admiration. Life was as wonderful as her skills and beauty deserved. . . At least so Glory believed.
Gamescom 1

Believed until the day she overheard a townsman mutter, ‘Does she think she’s better than us?’ ‘Think’? Glory didn’t ‘think’ she was better, she knew it. There wasn’t a girl in the town could match her in looks, a student (or tutor) who compared in their studies, not a soul who came close to her in wit. Certain of her place in society Glory would have dismissed the incident as a one off; this was obviously just a townsman disgruntled with his lot. Sadly, with her ear now sensitive to such grumblings Glory now started to hear plenty more of this sort of talk around the town. ‘Who does she think she is?’… ‘It’s easy when your father’s rich’… ‘She’s so lucky’…
Gamescom 6

Easy? Lucky? Glory might have been born beautiful and clever, but her skills were born from hard work. People were jealous of her gifts, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t a hard worker. Unfortunately, when she raised this with her father, he agreed with the townsfolk; Glory was lucky. Lucky to get the things she did, lucky to have him as a father and if she damn well wanted to stay lucky, then Glory would turn her mind back to being a perfect little daughter who kept her whining, jumped-up little trap shut.
Gamescom 10

If there was anyone who worked hard, it was Glory’s father and he expected his daughter to put up, shut up and do as she was told. If she didn’t he would make sure she learned some real lessons. Glory was not only bright enough to understand this threat and how to handle it, but focused enough to mark it in her memory. If anyone was going to learn a lesson from this moment, in the long-term it was going to be daddy and the townspeople. ‘Lucky?’ What was lucky about being born so talented in such a backwater town full of, her father included, such ‘backwater’ people? Glory would show them who they really had in their midst.
Feel free to read Glory's full story here.

Fable Legends is still without a release date.
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