TA Top Five: Sequels That Should Be Made

By Marc Caccamise,
Spoiler Warning
In the process of discussing the game's which should receive sequels, certain plot points which may spoil the narrative story may be discussed. If you have not played a certain game on this list, read at your own caution.
Every now and then a game will come along that exceeds expectations and stands out from the rest of the crowd. If this is a sentiment shared by many gamers, there is the good chance of a sequel being created, and that lone game turns into a beloved franchise. After all, creating a sequel can oftentimes be the safer route to take, rather than risking it all on a brand new IP. Whether it is the very first sequel for a franchise, or perhaps an entry that is further down the line, when a sequel is announced for a beloved game it really gets gamers excited.

However, there are times when that is not the course of events, and games that are absolutely stellar seem to end with their lone entry; or perhaps just come to an end, even after a series of successful entries to a franchise. While there are always plenty of other games to get into, you can't help but feel that sense of desire to one day see that "sequel revealed" headline pop across your computer screen. This week's TA Top Five focuses on those franchises we would love to see another game released in, whether it's highly unlikely, or almost guaranteed at some unknown time in the future. These games may have left us on an open-ended note, and we'd love to see a decisive conclusion to the story.

For those of you who might be concerned about which games did not make the list; the decision was made to exclude games in which we were pretty confident sequels are already being worked on to some degree. So that means that while we can all agree that if the announcement of Fallout 4 came tomorrow it would be the greatest day ever, the game won't be featured this time around on this list.

Honorable Mentions

Mafia III
TA Top Five

Mafia II Achievements is a unique game in that it allows players to explore an open-world 1940's to 1950's America through the eyes of a mobster. Some may call it a bit of a GTA clone, but it does have its own charm that sets it apart as well. You fill the shoes of Vito Scaletta, and spend the duration of the game guiding him as he rises through the ladder of the crime world. The game takes a dark, and very mafia-like turn towards the end when Vito's friend Joe Barbaro, who was the one who got Vito started in the business, is taken away in a separate car, presumably to his death. While it is never definitively said one way or another what Joe's fate was, you can pretty much catch the drift of what the game is trying to tell you. A potential Mafia III narrative basis could center on Vito's path of revenge against those responsible, and subsequently feature Vito's rise to becoming a big shot among the mafia world. Rumors have speculated in the past that Mafia III could take place in Louisiana, so whether Vito's story continues there, or a new protagonist take his place, it could be a very interesting locale to explore. It's been almost four years since the release of Mafia II, and it would be a great time to return to the world of crime.

Singularity 2
29/06/14 - Judgement

Singularity Achievements had enough twists and turns while moving forward and backwards through time to make your head spin on more than one occasion. Filling the shoes of Captain Nathaniel Renko, an investigation trip to the island of Katorga-12 goes awry when the helicopter is taken down by an EMP surge. On the island, Renko begins to phase in time between present-day in 2010, and the year 1955 when there was a catastrophic event on the island that destroyed the facility. From there the narrative sets on a path of Renko using time manipulation to try and "save the world" through a series of righting wrongs, and putting the correct sequence of events back in order. The game can have three different endings, all just as cheery as the next, based on your specific actions. However, it is during the epilogue that the story seems to open back up, as Katheryn reappears in 1955 and is shown writing down the message that leads to tracking down Renko earlier in the game. Whether this is a simple case of being stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps something more complicated than that, there seems to be a very real possibility to revisit this story arc. Any chance to get to use the powers of the TMD device would also certainly be welcomed.

Top Five

5 - L.A. Noire 2
Roy Earle

L.A. Noire Achievements seemed to be a game that split the gaming community in the general feeling of what it accomplished. On one side, a major complaint was that the game became far too repetitive, and followed along a set course for each individual case. Those who favored the game, however, couldn't help but be impressed with the facial animations and the general sense that the game was much more different than anything else that had come before it. How often is it after all, that you find yourself playing a game based on searching for clues, and then using those clues to aid in interrogations in which you look to make an arrest? Not very often.

While Cole Phelps was certainly not the most likable protagonist out there, you couldn't help but feel sorry for him in the fact that he was used as a scapegoat to draw attention away from the far worse corruption taking place in the L.A.P.D. It becomes very apparent by the end of the game what is taking place, and the sheer vibe given off is that they are going to continue getting away with it, too.

Well, it's about time to return to the streets of Los Angeles, this time returning to the shoes of private detective Jack Kelso, to weed out the corruption. Following this narrative, the developers would be able to leave in the formula of detecting clues and using them in investigation, but also pull it away from that formal structure that turned off some gamers the first time around. Jack isn't in the L.A.P.D., which means he doesn't have a set flow of activity to follow, which could allow the creators to get a little more creative in how the game progresses forward.

4 - RAGE 2
17/12/12 Scorcher Base 1

RAGE Achievements seems to be another game that can leave gamers in a split-decision on how good or bad their experience with it was. The main infraction that seems to surface frequently, is that the game's ending happens very abruptly, and that's that. Seeing as I can't personally speak on that experience, I turned to RAGE-loving Newshound, Nexus Grunt to elaborate more.

A little while back RAGE was featured as one of our Easter Eggs. Whilst it was true that the gameplay mechanics might have been a little old school, it was still a damned fine shooter. Stunning visuals, enemies blessed with devilishly clever AI, great weaponry, and solid combat; it was a quite a package. Yes, there were a few a gripes, but if a sequel were to be made and those minor issues resolved, it would be amongst the best in the FPS genre; but that’s not the reason why a sequel is needed.

As any veteran of the game will attest, it’s the ending … or rather the game's abrupt stop ... that’s the problem. The game’s ‘ending’ comes from nowhere; it blindsides you, it’s totally unexpected. The player is left with a distinct sense of ‘gameous interruptus’. One moment you’re in FPS heaven and then BAM, it’s all over! It feels like a mid-season finale cliff-hanger. This is the gaming equivalent of the final episode of The Sopranos and ‘abrupt’ doesn't even begin to describe it. The player is left scrambling to check if there is an additional disc hidden somewhere that perhaps was missed and not yet installed. With no sense of closure or completion, you are left to draw your own conclusions which in the gaming world is simply unacceptable. We need to know what happened next and so we need, nay demand, a sequel. We need that fourth disc!
3 - Red Dead Redemption 2
September 7th

Red Dead Redemption Achievements achieved what many other games haven't been able to accomplish; make a quality experience that is set in the Wild West. Rockstar hatched an absolutely phenomenal idea of combining the open-world exploration of Grand Theft Auto, with the wild terrain of the untamed American west, and the result paid off. Riding on horseback across this vast expanse of territory felt very liberating, and the sheer amount that there was to do ate up hours of gaming time. Despite the fact that the Mexico portion of the game tended to drag on, it did not detract from the memorable experience overall.

However, the real star of the Red Dead Redemption experience was none other than John Marston. Following along his journey of redeeming himself for his past crimes, and looking to create a new start for his family, Marston took on every job, deed, favor, and request that was thrown his way if it meant getting a step closer to his goal. Ultimately Marston's past actions caught up with him, and we were left with one of the most emotional and memorable deaths of a protagonist in quite some time. His son Jack proceeds to avenge his father, but the rest of his future was never explored and left open to interpretation. Would Jack follow in his father's footsteps of a life of crime, or rather maybe a life learning from his father's mistakes? A true sequel could explore the life of Jack Marston after he avenged his father's death.

2 - Alan Wake 2
September 7th

Technically speaking, you could argue that Alan Wake Achievements did receive a sequel in the form of the XBLA game, Alan Wake's American Nightmare Achievements. Where the argument in favor of this selection comes in, however, is that we're talking about a real in-depth sequel, one that brings a definitive close to Alan's story. While American Nightmare does continue Alan's story, it plays more like another adventure of Alan's time in "The Dark Place" rather than a narrative leading to a final resolution. Whether we will ever get that resolution, however, is another subject entirely. Last year Sam Lake, the Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment, addressed fans of the series with the reality that while the studio wanted to create another Alan Wake game, the timing just wasn't right. Rather than do something less ambitious, the team decided to move on to something that they could get full backing for, and we now know that something is Quantum Break Achievements. So while the future for Alan Wake is not completely dead, you have to imagine it will still be quite some time before the next entry may surface. There is plenty of story still left to be explored in this franchise, and hopefully one day it will be told.

1 - Half-Life 3
Gordon and Alyx

Is there truly any surprise over this game's mention? Is there another game out there that has received so much push to be created, and yet we sit here still waiting for it? The reality of it is, Half-Life 3 is the pure epitome of this entire topic. The game has been sought after by gamers ever since experiencing Half-Life 2: Episode Two almost seven entire years ago. Even at this point, while you'd like to imagine that there is no way this game won't eventually come out, you can't help but feel that we are no closer to seeing a sequel than we were back in 2007. The wait has become so intense that it has spawned the creativity of the Internet to rear its head time and time again, with completely unrelated topics being turned into a formula in which the writer deems that "Half-Life 3 is confirmed." The wait for when Half-Life 3 will finally be announced has more-or-less become a cultural phenomenon in the gaming industry.

The wait has been even more agonizing for some because of the way in which Episode Two ended, with Eli being killed by one of the Advisors, and thus a major cliff-hanger still left unanswered. A return to Gordon and Alyx's story is something more sought after than anything else for quite a few gamers. If there is a pool going on amongst gamers as to when this game is going to be released, then I'd like in, because I imagine the pot is astronomically high at this point.

The TA Team will be bringing you The TA Top Five every Sunday until we run out of coolness to debate and discuss. If you have an idea for a Top Five you'd like us to do, be sure to let us know in the comments!
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