Snoopy Flying Ace's New DLC is Out

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
The first second batch of DLC for sleeper hit has hit the marketplace today. The DLC, titled "Suppertime of Destruction", costs a meager 400 MSP and adds plenty of new content to the "dog" fighting game.

First off, "Suppertime of Destruction" adds two new planes to fray (one for your avatar!), five new gametypes (Dirty Boy, Turrent Defense, Wild Woodstock, Team Wild Woodstock, and Top Dogs), three new weapons ('Lil Yellow, Thumpers, and Seekers), as well as eleven new pilot skins and thirty new plane skins. And, for those among you who will not purchase DLC without it packing in a few achievements can rest easy, as it adds 3 achievements for a total of 50 gamerscore:

Kite Flyer (20 Points)
The two new planes in this pack offer a new achievement – earn 50 kills in each of these "Kite Class" planes.

Bully (15 Points)
Kill a Blockhead in a Xbox LIVE player match.

Camouflage (15 Points)
Survive 5 minutes with no deaths in a Xbox LIVE player match.

Sound good? Head on down to the external link and queue it up for download.