Threes! Shows Off Screenshots and Details

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
Gang, we've got some important, breaking news.

My vociferously non-gamer wife's favorite game (Threes!) is coming to the Xbox One and was featured in today's ID@Xbox Montage. On the heels of that mention, they've released some new (and exciting?) screenshots about the math game as well as a few more details.

Gamescom 1

Gamescom 2

Gamescom 3

Gamescom 4

Gamescom 5

For those who've never played the addictive addition game, Threes! starts with small stakes (combining "1" and "2" squares together to make "3's") and quickly escalates to huge numbers that must be matched. In the Xbox One version, gamers can expect the following features:

* Innovative Puzzle Gameplay: Threes! features a fresh, elegant new type of puzzle game that anyone can learn in moments, but may never master in a lifetime.
* Adorable Characters: Threejay and his pals are along for the ride as you merge and meet new friends.
* Charming Soundtrack: Nothing will brighten your day more than playing Threes! along with its smooth tunes.
* Simplicity is Key: Threes! has everything you need and nothing you don’t.
* Competitive: Challenge your friends via leaderboards and Twitter
* Internationally Friendly: Threes! is available in 14 languages!
A release date and pricing for Threes! have not yet been released.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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