FIFA 11 Be A Goalkeeper Tutorial

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
EA have released a tutorial video which offers a look into how the 'Be A Goalkeeper' mode is going to work in their upcoming sphere kicking simulator, FIFA 11. Up until now the goalkeeper has always remained unplayable, except for during in a penalty kick situation, but FIFA 11 will give you the chance to start between the sticks and play as that very last man in defence.

We see a few things aimed at making your life a little easier. For a start the ball will sport a trail which allows you to accurately predict the position of the ball as it approaches you goal, along with the loft and speed of the shot.

Control of the keeper appears to be fully manual so I expect trying to fool your mate playing as a goalkeeper with a fake shot or nine before sticking it in the net will be popular on Xbox LIVE when this game launches. Take a look at the tutorial for yourself and see what you think.

FIFA 11 launches on the 28th September (US) and 1st October (EU).