Aztez Details and Screens Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Developed by Team Colorblind, a tag team of Ben Ruiz and Matthew Wegner, based in Phoenix, Arizona, Aztez will offer players the chance to rewrite history. The game is set in 1428 AD at the "formation of the Aztec Triple Alliance" and players will need to be pretty talented when it comes to the upcoming, unique style of empire management.

Aztez is designed to be very replayable thanks to the short games the average player will have, and the difference between every game. Each game will be filled with different events each time you play. Check out the key features of the upcoming title followed by a couple of newly released screens:

• RANDOMIZED EMPIRE GAME – Every game of empire management will introduce new events, treasures, locations, and enemies!
• 5+ DISTINCT WEAPON SETS – Start the game with the spear, club, ritual knife, and the legendary obsidian sword of legend. Unlock more as the game progresses!
• EXPANSIVE ENEMY CAST – Large variety of enemies based on the Aztec archetypes: the Eagle warriors, the Jaguar warriors, the Noble warriors, the combat Priests, and more!
• CUSTOMIZABLE AVATAR – Beat the gear off of your enemies and wear it for a fully customized combat avatar!
• COMBAT ENVIRONMENTS – 30+ combat environments based on real Aztec cities at the time of the Empire!

Aztez Screens 01

Aztez Screens 2

Aztez is set to release on the Xbox One sometime later this year.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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