We're aware that this may be old news to some of you, but we have only just been made aware of the fact that the servers for Microsoft Flight (PC) are closing. We figured that you would rather that we tell you now, rather than not tell you at all. As such, I'm here to bring you the bad news that the servers for the game will be closing for good on October 14th, 2014. This means that the game's multiplayer features will become unavailable and that these achievements will become discontinued:

Microsoft Flight (PC)Download a Free PreviewThe Download a Free Preview achievement in Microsoft Flight (PC) worth 21 pointsDownload an aircraft preview from the hangar.

Microsoft Flight (PC)Ten Aerocaches of the DayThe Ten Aerocaches of the Day achievement in Microsoft Flight (PC) worth 106 pointsFind 10 Aerocaches of the Day.

Microsoft Flight (PC)PentacontacacheThe Pentacontacache achievement in Microsoft Flight (PC) worth 356 pointsFind 50 Aerocaches of the Day.

Microsoft Flight (PC)Fly BuddyThe Fly Buddy achievement in Microsoft Flight (PC) worth 47 pointsFly multiplayer with a Microsoft Flight Team member or with anyone who has earned this achievement.

The game's single-player mode "should remain largely intact" and all achievements related to the game's single-player mode will remain achievable. All purchased DLC can be used once the servers are closed too.
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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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