World of Tanks August Extravaganza Weekend

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
As part of their "August Extravaganza" online event, Wargaming has activated some choice in-game bonuses for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition this weekend. By simply signing in you will be gifted a free T1E6-X Light Tank and a garage slot to put it in. In addition, a super 5xXP bonus will be awarded for your first victory per day.

Think yourself pretty good at this tank-busting warfare game? If you can win ten games (Tier IV or higher) in a single day you can earn a nice set of in-game items; Friday's bonus was 5 automatic fire extinguishers, while Saturday's bonus is five large repair kits, and Sunday's bonus is five large first aid kits. Other challenges include:
* Destroy 16 enemy vehicles in any number of battles to win 50,000 silver
* Spot 16 enemy vehicles in any number of battles to win 50,000 silver
* Win 16 battles to win another 50,000 silver
The following discounts are currently in effect:
* Regular Tier VIII - X vehicles: 15% Silver Boost & Discount
* Premium Tier VI - VII vehicles: 30% Gold Discount
* Premium Tier II - V vehicles: 50% Gold Discount
* Premium Tier VIII vehicles: 15% Gold Discount
* Crew Training: 50% Gold and Silver discounts
* 180 days premium time: cost 11,475 gold
* 360 days premium time: 20,400 gold
This August Extravaganza is running right now, so don't hesitate to jump right in. It will keep on running until 06:59 UTC on August 18.
Credit for this story goes to x j3s x